ISWG September – 6 ways to get back on to your ‘confidence carpet’

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This past month has been full of adventure and awe, but also challenges which wiped me off from my own ‘confidence carpet’. I will share in today’s post what happened and how I got out of it and back to my ‘confidence carpet.’ Continue reading

ISWG – August – Through the systems to the confidence shore

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This last month has been a good month for me to realize how much we need system and organization in our lives and how that can also be one of the cornerstones to self-confidence. Read my insights from the past month here in Hawaii.  Continue reading

Insecure writers – Use your dreams as your seeds for your better future!

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This time I will share with you about my longterm dream, which I have worked with for many, many years.

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Confidence loves speed – ISWG for June 2017

This month I will write about how to conquer some fears in life and doing so – become a better writer and gain more confidence.
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ISWG for May – How I met Jesus?

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You would expect that meeting Jesus is a very special thing. That he would look like a tall man with a bit of curly hair and be the most loving person on the planet. Maybe even having a halo around his head… Continue reading

ISWG for April – Be your own boss on land and in the water!

This past week gave me another opportunity to experience insecurity. Insecurity with my water therapy work. I have worked with people in the water for 7 years now. These have mostly been adults or teenagers. I never feel insecure in the water work, as I know my stuff and I am very professional and very experienced.

This time the opportunity appeared to work with a 1 year and 8 months old baby. I had never worked with the baby in the water before and I had never worked with a rich man’s baby in the water. I learned so much from this experience and I will bring it all together into writing after sharing my story.

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Keys to April – Love compass treasure hunt

This time I felt I would love to write differently. As this last month has been a very tantra theme month for me (because of Estonia events), I thought to explore this topic a bit deeper and in a more creative way. I will let my female energy to lead my words and I hope it will reach to the hearts of those people who are ready to receive it. Continue reading

ISWG – March – The hidden key to the roots of the insecurity

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This month was for me like a research project. I will answer my question: Where can we find the roots to the insecurity?


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Keys for March – Meet the spring with your heart’s megaphone and courage!

I am so sorry – my dear English blog readers – that I have not kept up my logging here as I promised last year. It has been a very chaotic period in my life, where we travelled with Michael for 3 consecutive months (California and Hawaii). After that we arrived in Mexico where I had to fix my final paperwork to live and work here as well host some guests from far away and work at the same time. It took me almost a month to adjust after the trip.So all in all I plan to also translate the other blog posts for my monthly keys from last year – as well work on the missing interviews, which I still did not manage to do in full (4 more interviews in the works). I am also learning to structure my life and work a little bit different and prioritize accordingly.
This year the main focus is to get my work going really well with Wantra. I decided that this year I will do my monthly keys as well my ISWG posts monthly in English. If occasionally it happens that I get inspired, I may write some additional posts here and there. I am also focusing to be able to finish and publish at least one of my books during this year. It is about time!  This gives me the maximum minimum to keep my blog fans in the loop while my adventurous and exciting life continues. Thank you for your patience! I so appreciate you all!
This month I will talk about some very important keys, which I never get tired of talking about. It is how to live from the center of your inner courage, intuition and heart. Sometimes I lose my patience. I talk to people and see them around me and feel like I would love to shake some of them to wake up. When do they finally get it? Who are the doers who are actually going to get something done? Is it you?

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ISWG – February – Pauses bring to light golden treasures


Today my writing wants to be a pause. The pause which can say it all. The pause which will decide which route to go next. Whether to breath out slowly or hold your breath. Whether it is going to be a supsense thriller or a comedy. It is like this plain white page and you do not know what the next move is – whether it is a dot, stripe or something different. You just stay put until you will be guided to move.  Continue reading

Monthly keys – Summary of 2016 and a *Won* forecast for 2017


I hope everyone had wonderful holidays. I wish everyone a happy abundant year full of possibilities of fulfilling your dreams!

I will now take a little deeper look back at the year of 2016. First I tell you more about my personal journey and then more of the general – how I observed this year was for my clients and the world. Continue reading

ISWG – December post – How silly mistakes may create your dream life?


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From the ISWG page it guides us to write about this topic:

Have you made a silly mistake recently in your writing or with your career? Is there a mistake you’ve made more than once? I’ll share one of mine: When I type fast, I often hit the wrong key. This happens the most with the word “shut.” I accidentally type an “i” where the “u” should be. That makes for some interesting sentences and a lot of laughter when I catch it. Continue reading

ISWG – November post – What is my favourite aspect of being a writer?

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What is your favourite aspect of being a writer?

This question is quite interesting for me. I think it all depends what kind of a writer you are. I will share many of the aspects which are my favourites as to just mention one would be not enough for me. So once again, I am bending the rules or directions. I am mostly a hobby writer or write for my blog or some occasional writing for magazines or newspapers.


Visiting Universal Studios in Hollywood

One idea can create a movement

I visited Universal Studios and Harry Potter land just during the last week. I was amazed how someone’s ideas were not only turned into bestselling books, but also movie series and now also an amuzement park, where there were also several shops with items from the book and the movies.

So I think that is one of the favourite aspects of writing for me is that one idea can inspire someone else to do or think something differently in their life. I like the aspect of the ability to influence people with your words and sentences and the way it is put together.

Influence despite the distance

My favourite aspect is also that something I have put together and the way I have put it together – be it the words or the sentences – can touch someone so deeply that they may even get out of their mock or trouble and started to create their dream life.

I have got several times comments after my blog posts, that my post really touched someone and helped them to make different choices in their lives. I was maybe half way around the world, but I could still influence someone despite of the distance. Sometimes all you need is that one sentence to make you click and choose another direction. That may help to change one life and with that the whole planet.

==dakota johnson

Dakota playing the leading role in the movie

How someone fantasies can serve the whole planet

I was fascinated by the woman who wrote ’50 shades of Gray’ – that it was a housewife, who wrote down her sexual fantasies (Fifty Shades of Grey is a 2011 erotic romance novel by British author E. L. James.).

The book became a bestseller as are the movies and now there is a whole movement around the world where people practice the techniques in the movie. It encourages people to be more courageous about sexual facets of being a human. I think why it has been such a hit is that this is touching something so deeply hidden in our collective consciousness. It is like someone is touching a string and the whole symphony which has been hidden inside will be cut loose. This is one of my favourite aspects of being the writer.


Interview with my travelling sister Janet Hudson in Mexico

Interviewing the people I get to know myself

This January I decided to change my blog set up and I managed to interview almost 1 person per month each month. It tied together my anthropology background which is connected to my passionate curiosity of people’s ideas, lives, experiences and also cultures. I got to know so much more about these different people and their lives and lifestyles.

My idea was to inspire more people to live their dream by sharing the stories of simple people who have lived their dream and doing it very simply. All in all I have an intent to collect all the 12 interviews into one little inspirational book, which could inspire people to really change their lives and start to live their passion. What was the most fascinating and my favourite part was that I got to know so much more about myself. I had to also challenge myself to approach sometimes complete strangers as well go places where I usually would not go – so to say – meet the unknown and learn to trust it all more as well myself. I also got to know that I did a good job and the stories were inspiring to everyone who read.

Writing is therapy to me

My best friend has been writing and that actually one of my main favourite aspects of it. I have an issue – I sit down and blow it out in words. I can go wild and sometimes just do a cloud style writing where I have no system. From that chaos the new story can be born or a new grand idea may come.


Visiting friends in Ventura, California

Writing makes me meet new people

I have been going to several writing club meetings and met some really inspiring people over the years. It has inspired me to pursue more of my writing goals and dreams – one of them has been to write a bestseller which could help to change the world and people and be successful beyond my dreams.

Writing makes me reach higher goals

When I have chosen some goals – I have often shared them in my blogs and then got active accountability partners to back me up, so I can not bail out. So this is how I am reaching to my 4th year of blogging anniversary since my new blog and probably with the earlier ones almost 10 years. I also have facilitated several online classes which have helped me to build up my new financial foundation. I think in February I will celebrate my 1 year commitment in ISWG as well. I pat to my shoulder that I have made that commitment and kept it going.


Travelling with my sweetheart Michael Ditton

My writing has manifested many things

And not only. I think the fact that I found my dream man is because I wrote an order to the Santa Clause in 2013. Kind of joking. He appeared 1 year later. I was in Mexico at the time. I thought it must have been because my Santa was Mexican. You know they have everything delivered in Mexican time. Now we are travelling to Hawaii for 2 months and that will be our honeysun. What is honeysun? It is something you do before you get married. Honeymoon is after the getting married. Honeysun is the time where you have fun and get to know each other.

Writing is fun

It makes my creativity sparkle and activate my true being. I love it. I feel like everything is possible and all I choose can manifest. I feel like my pen is my magic wand and the world is my oyster. Many times it actually is. So I am amazed like a little wizard. Sometimes what you think works and not only, it also manifests in this reality!

Makes me feel alive

Without writing I think I would feel dead. It gives me life, direction and self reflection. I could not imagine my life without it. I am so grateful I love it and I have an invisible friend who is always here and always takes me as I am. My writing.

Tell me about your favourite aspects of being a writer?


Two happy campers in Hawaii

I am Crystal Ra Laksmi. A travelling new time gypsy, who is living her dream in Hawaii at the moment. I am here together with my king Michael Ditton (also a writer) and we are here for the next two months to work and have fun as well do research for the future options. I am today who I am because I have been a writer for many years. I am grateful beyond words. Thank you all for your support.

Interview with Diina Tamm, who dances through the dots in New York

diinasweetDuring my adventures in New York this time in June 2016 I used my time to meet the new Estonian talents. Uno Habakukk suggested to do an interview with Diina Tamm. He mentioned that she is a very young new talent in New York. I did my research about her online. When I read information about it, I felt insecure whether I am able to manage the meeting with such a rising star.

We met in the hotel, where I stayed, located behind Empire State Building area. When she came in – she emanated warmth and simplicity. Couple of hours passed by talking really fast in my hotel room and it was about the time to finalise. I had the feeling that I met another part of me, who lives her life big and fully and what is most important also without fear. She made my day. How did she do it?  Read the story and find out yourself!  Continue reading