Connections between Courage, Inner Family & Holistic Abundance


I share some of my tips and tools how I have grown the muscle of courage during all my world travels and what you could also do and use. Check out some amazing stories and examples, listen, read and do the tasks and reset your courage in your life together with your Inner Family and receive more Holistic Abundance as the result of that!

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Tips and tools from today’s session how to grow your courage muscles:

  • Everything in my life are experiences ( I do not categorize things into failure or success which helps me to feel like I have nothing to lose)
  • Everything is practice (no categorizing again)
  • Everything is a Divine Orientation Game and one thing is preparing the next
  • Ability to start to move towards my dream one step at the time with my Inner Family even though I did not see the whole road yet
  • Trust towards myself, Inner Family and Universe at all times no matter what
  • Knowing that my Life Mission is above the average meaning that I will have also more responsibility, but also need more courage to make it happen

Different type of courage: 

  • Check also out Wikipedia’s definition of courage here: 
  • Mental courage, Emotional Courage, Spiritual Courage, Physical Courage, Moral Courage etc…
  • Courage to stand out (connection to collective consciousness) not to take other people’s critics personally
  • Courage to stand eye to eye with your fears
  • Courage to overcome yourself

Examples from my life:

  • Public Speaking example from Santa Clara – being on stage together with multimillionaires  Brendon Burchard, Bo Easen, Roger Love
  • Free diving can be a blissful experience – the difference of fear and not knowing and experiencing it in reality
  • Visiting a pen friend in Italy who was from Africa living together with 40 other Africans. New Year’s event at their church with 1000 Africans and only 1 white woman – me!

Connections with Inner Family:

Inner Child – Super curious and very courageous if there are not too many negative and painful experiences, but can be a huge blocker of new experiences and things if there has been a lot of negative experiences and also pain in trying out new things so the rest of the Inner Family has to encourage him/her to move forward.

Inner Woman – Gives us very strong impulses, especially if we need to do something very quickly, it may feel like needing to go and pee… If you act in such a situation, it usually works magic and something big comes of it!

Inner Man – Is the person who helps to manifest the impulses and ideas from the Inner Woman into the real world – whether it is a place where you should go or something you should buy or do etc. Without his actual action nothing can move and no Holistic Abundance can materialize!

Number one key to live without fear is that you put into action your own talents, so that freedom of your time management as well finances will result in Holistic Abundance which will help to co-create a reality on your terms!

Holistic Abundance is the result of all of these processes. If you do not have courage, you can not activate your Inner Family and Inner Man can not manifest and that is also why there will not be much of Holistic Abundance. 

Today you have 3 tasks: 

  1. Think back to your own life and map how has courage shown up in your life? What kind of thinking and mindset as well approach has been behind it? If you have not had too many courageous moments, think of what would need to be changed more so that you can activate more courage to your life? 
  2. If you would activate courage in your Inner Family, which Family Member would need the most support so that your whole Inner Family would be able to cooperate and support your forward motion? 
  3. What are those three physical and active actions what you can do which would help to grow the muscles of your courage? Put that into action asap!

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Holistic Abundance Challenge day nr 19 – Connections between Courage, Inner Family & Holistic Abundance

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