Crystal Ra’s and Michael’s Summer Tour in Estonia in June – July in 2018

We are so delighted to finally be able to travel to Estonia together! 

We will be active with events as well private sessions from the 5th of June till the 29th of July. 

Find here where we are and when. We do private sessions mainly in  central Tallinn, but are also opened to do some sessions in towns where we travel to while in Estonia (like Pärnu and Tartu as well Rakvere)

Please contact us for more info and read a short summary of the sessions here: 

Scheduled events:

5th of June Tallinn – Pelgulinna Rahvamaja 6.30 pm – 9 pm – Telliskivi 56

7th of June in Rakvere – Rahulolu Pesa, Pikk 7

14th of June in Pärnu – Pärnu Library – Enesetäiendajate Klubi guest speakers

18th of June in Tartu – Dorpat Conference Center – Arengutee Klubi guest speakers of June in Jõgeva – Betti Alver’s Museum guest speakers

29th & 30th of June – 1st of July – Spiritual Retreat in Matsalu’s natural retreat center, includes also Wantra water group sessions and is opened to all

13th – 15th of July – Spiritual Retreat for Couples in Matsalu – includes Wantra both on land and in the water and many other tools and techniques. English speaking participants welcome!

16th till – 20th of July – Participation as guest teachers in High on Life Tantrafestival in Estonia. English speaking couples also welcome!

All events will be presented in English and Estonian.  

More info will be updated shortly. Thank you for your patience.

We are so excited to meet you all!


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