Hawaii Adventure Retreat ‘Reset Yourself’ in 2017


Invest into yourself – because you deserve it!

Your special Hawaiian Adventure Retreat 

with Crystal Ra Laksmi and Michael Ditton

30th of October – 8th of November in 2017

This will not only be an adventure inside out, but also give you tools and techniques how to continue living your dream life on your terms after this retreat is over.


From the white and black sandy beaches, to the underground caves and tunnels, through the jungle rainforests into the lava fields where the new earth is born every minute and to many daily adventures out in the wild Hawaiian nature, we swirl through the four elments while getting in touch to  the depth of our true nature – becoming more of who we are here to be – we land fully into the new inner landscapes where the new fairytales can be born into building new universes and new lives as we direct it with our new tools and seeds.

Check out the detailed Hawaiian program here in a PDF format: Hawaii English Invite 

You can also read it from the regular wordpress page here

The file is pretty big, so it may take a while to upload.

If you know of someone who would be interested in the program, please forward it to them or even gift it to them!


E Komo Mai! Welcome!

With love and balance we are excited to guide you into a real magical fairytale, where you will be the main character,

Crystal Ra Laksmi and Michael Ditton