Aura Balancing after the AuraTransformation™


Some time after AuraTransformation™ it is recommended according to your personal need and feelings to come for an Aura Balancing Session™. Even though most of the processes in your body, mind and spirit get integrated naturally, some of the changes can be quite challenging. After AuraTransformation™ you start to move through the 4 Elements and some of them can be quite challenging. Also, the transition from the 3 chakras to one heart chakra can be sometimes challenging, as well as moving from Indigo to Crystal energy or to the Golden energy after that. An Aura Mediator™ who is well connected and balanced with the latest changes in the field is able to help you balance any imbalances in your body, spirit and mind and give you guidance on what you could do or choose next to support the processes. Sometimes we are too stuck in our own stuff, so we need a bit of outside help. If people do not go hand in hand with the processes after AuraTransformation™ and do not change accordingly, things can get very stuck. That is where an Aura Mediator™ comes in handy! Let me know!