Auratransformation™ with Crystal Ra

Read here why it would be a smart idea to do your Auratransformation™ with Crystal Ra.

Crystal Ra Laksmi-Ditton got her Auratransformation™ in February 2007 with Berit Hickman who at the time was the International Director of the Auratransformation™ Instructors and AuraMediators Courses. Crystal Ra did the AuraMediator course in Norway in August 2007 with Berit Hickman.

In cooperation with Anni Sennov and Berit Hickman – Crystal Ra bought Auratransformation™ to Estonia in the fall of 2007.

Since 2008 till 2009 she was also part of the Aura Instructor course with Anni Sennov and Berit Hickman and taught several new Auramediators in Estonia.

Since 2007 – 2011 she worked full time in Estonia to promote, integrate and help people with adjusting their aura into the new time energies. She was featured in many Estonian newspapers, magazines, TV stations as well radio stations. Her bold attitude and approach got her further and father than most Estonians would have managed to get. She lived also in Norway for almost 7 years prior her work with Auratransformation™ – which helped her with grounding and earth element.

In 2011 she left Estonia and started to run her business location free. Since 2013 she based herself in West Mexico and became a resident there. In 2014 she found her spirit mate Michael. Since 2017 June she moved and resides in Hawaii together with her new and exotic husband Michael.

This adds also extra value for you to receive an Auratransformation™ from her as her energies are much more balanced and in place now.

Since Crystal Ra got the transformation, did the AuraMediator course and was also part of the Aura Instructor program and she has travelled and worked with energies in many other countries – she has a wide variety of experiences to work with people from different countries and nationalities.

Crystal Ra has not lived an easy life. Since 2007 when she started her own innovative self-development company, she has always been eager to find easier and better ways to share her talents, skills and knowledge.

Crystal Ra has also done some other classes with Anni and Berit. She did Anni’s Planetary class as well Berit’s fresh up class in Norway some years later.

By choosing to do your Auratransformation™ with Crystal Ra you can be sure she offers the best quality of presence and her knowhow about the topic. She is caring, but at the same time very firm and direct in information sharing.

She has developed a whole online class about the topic of living in the new time energy and it will be soon available also in English as well in book series.

She also offers online aura balancing sessions after your transformation. She offers the recording of the sessions for your review as well the written notes with some homework options so that you can fully integrate what you should.

Later on you can find more options to feel support in your new life via different classes and possibilities Crystal Ra offers regularly.

Many AuraMediators do not have the support system after the Auratransformation™ and many of these clients end up with her. It is important to know how and what to do in that case. We as AuraMediators are not interested to build dependent followers – instead we are interested to empower each person so much that they figure things out on their own and in case they get stuck they will find us to ask for guidance.

The Auratransformation™ session usually lasts 2 hours and she will follow the structure according to the AuraMediator course. She will also mediate messages what your spirit will share and guide you to right direction for you.

You will get an overview of where your aura is at the moment when you come to the session, what needs to be cleared from the past. The old will be cleansed and the new will be set in place. Your spirit energy particles will be collected into your body or around it and your new protective balance body will be set it place. All this will be followed by a small and beautiful aura balancing session which helps to finalize the process, checking all your four elements, uniting your masculine and feminine energies and set all your new structures in motion.

Auratransformation™ should always be done in person. This means that the AuraMediator as well the client need to be physically in one location and the AuraMediator should be able to touch the client’s feet and hold them in person.

Never trust Auramediators who offer Auratransformation™ via internet! 

Aurabalancing sessions are in my opinion ok to be offered online as then your own body is already in the process and working in the new time energy and knows how to protect itself better.

Because Crystal Ra has done Auratransformations™ for so many years, she already knows many tricks and ways how to work with the new time energies.

Living in many other countries as well traveling a lot has given her also more knowledge and respect towards everyone’s personal journey.

The very fact that she was part of the team to bring Auratransformation™ to Estonia influenced her work and knowledge in new time energies a lot as well.

Contact her directly via her FB site: to book a session.

Check her latest calendar on this website as well under the link – events around the world.

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