Crystal Ra’s and Michael’s private sessions during summer 2019 in Estonia

You have a rare opportunity to receive sessions from Crystal Ra and Michael while they are in Estonia in June and July and half of August this year. Please check out our special offers and book your time with us as soon as you can.



Holistic Liberation and Expansion sessions – Uniting your body, mind and spirit; activating releasing the past and rebuilding your present and future.

Sessions are offered separately as well together customized according to the needs for singles and couples to reawaken your holistic being and reconnect to your true desires and have the courage to express these.

Cost: Prices from 50 euros – 250 euros / 30 min – 2 hours

Here is the overview of the menue: Sessioonide ülevaate menüü 

Here are the detailed descriptions of the sessions: Tantra sessions during the festival

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