First consultation


When you contact me, let me know what is your problem and what do you feel I could contribute to you. If you do not quite know what to pick, I can introduce you to my services and what options you have.

In case you feel inspired to go deeper and engage in longer work, I recommend we start with this first consultation as a mapping session for you. If you would like to have just one session, that is fine too. Then we go straight to the issues that are most relevant to you right now. Pick your choice from the services or products menu!

mustvalgenaerupursenaguMy main target is to guide you to your own inner and outer resources and insights, so you can keep contributing to you as you will tap more easily into your intuition also after the sessions are done.

Over the years my experience has been that things may not be as they seem to be. For example, you may come to me and say you have a money problem. We start to map and find out where the error is located. Very often one theme is interconnected to many others.

A common scenario for the money problem can that the person has very low self esteem and no self value, very weak ability to stand up for his or her rights and no connection with personal potency, abilities and talents. He/she may also have very bad habits and non supportive environments. When one feels bad about oneself, it reflects back from the outside world and it may be difficult to find partners or lovers as well. The person can be in very bad health and have no motivation to work or do anything. In the end there is no money coming in as well!

I use all of the intuitive senses – clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairscent, clairtangency, clairqustance, clairempathy. I am tuning in to you, your life and your body as much as you would like me to. I often get pictures, visions, ideas, words, tastes, smells or stories flowing through me that are very accurate and relevant to you. In order for this to be coming from your own knowing as well, I now ask questions to help you realize how to get back home to you.

If you explore it in this way, you integrate it fully and immediately into your own knowing. I prefer to approach you holistically, looking at the mental level, body and spirit at the same time. The most effective results have been with clients who have committed themselves for several sessions.

I usually recommend a minimum of 4 sessions, but you know best what you need. This is my knowing and experience.

What is it that you know?

Maybe one session completes it all?

I encourage you to follow your own knowing and let me know!

My usual approach for 4 sessions:

1. Mapping where you are and what you would like to change, setting targets together with you.

2. According to your map, we start to reprogram your body, mind and spirit. It can take a minimum of one session per theme or set individually.

I mention here also the conditions which can be focused on:

  • Anxiety and stress

  • All kind of physical and emotional pain

  • Joint problems

  • Facial and body aging

  • Headaches

  • Immune related problems

  • Musculo-skeletal problems

  • Weight gain or weight loss

  • Correcting vision

  • Chronique fatique syndrom

  • Burnout

  • Underconfidence

  • Relationship problems

  • Lack illusion (poverty mentality)

  • Victim mentality

  • Fear of heights

  • Fear of water or depth

  • Claustrophobie

  • Smoking

  • Overeating

  • Hyperventilation

  • Trauma and shock

  • Lymph problems

  • Sexual patterns

  • Sound and acustic problems

  • Thymus problems and many more


Please explore my services and products and find the ones that resonate with you and are beneficial for you! Welcome! Let’s have fun together! Sessions can be done online, live or long distance. I have done quite a number of body work sessions long distance or over Skype as well, and the results have sometimes been even better than live! Contact me here!

Picture: Bars session in the group in Pärnu, Estonia, June 2012