Heart song guidance session


Each of us carries a voice. Most of us have hidden it inside, often because someone told us that we are not good enough singers, or that we do not know how to do it properly. Some of us shut it down forever!

When our inner authentic voice is shut down, we do not speak our truth and we do not live it either. Our life and reality is so far from where we would like it to be!

What would it take for you to get to know your own voice?

What if you start to explore where your voice is and how it is doing?

If you connect to your heart, how can it sing back to you and to others?

How do you tune in to your real self?

I will write a blog post on this theme, so you can read the story about my own heart song.

Here is one example: my heart song for my dad, who died in 2011 from lung and liver cancer (perhaps, who knows, also because he did not let his voice be heard and did not sing!) Don’t let this happen to you! Start now!

Check the video here!