Private sessions with Crystal Ra and Michael in Estonia during summer 2018

Photo by Malle Zablan

Use the rare opportunity to work closely and personally with Crystal Ra and Michael in Estonia this summer.

They travel all the way from Hawaii to share their aloha sprinkles and magic with you.

They are both well integrated in the new time energies and done Auratransformations™.

They are a conscious couple that practice sacred and harmonic relationship agreements. They aim for harmony, consciousness, awakening, expansion, love and liberation on every level. Their focus is also how to inspire and motivate other couples to not only coexist together but fully thrive together and also co-create together.

Find a wide selection of sessions and events we offer together. We recommend you book a session with both of us together, especially if your masculine and feminine energies are out of balance and you would love to figure out how to balance yourself with these energies and change your life accordingly.

If translating from English to Estonian is required there will be an additional fee. Fee to be determined.


Sessions are available from the 5th of June till the end of July in 2018. To reserve your spot, please be early with your booking as the spots are filling fast!

Overview of the sessions menue: 

Crystal Ra:

  • Consultations
  • Auratransformation™
  • Aura Balancing
  • Wantra water sessions
  • Divine Touch
  • Soft Tantra Massage
  • Releasing the fears


  • Consultations
  • Divine Touch
  • Soft Tantra Massage
  • Yoni Massage
  • Ecstatic Mediation for Women

Crystal Ra & Michael:

  • Divine Touch- 4 Hands
  • Couples Encouragement
  • Unifying Three Hearts
  • Activation of Safety and Releasing the Fear
  • Soft Tantra Massage- 4 Hands
  • Releasing the Past Patterns

Other sessions available upon request

More info:

Read the detailed descriptions about our sessions with included prices here: Tantra sessions  

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