Space/House/Entity Clearing

IMG_0051Recently many people have asked me to help with the house and space clearings and also to clear themselves. I started to contribute to my friends firstly and the results have been amazing and now it is time to offer it to my dear clients.

How do I do the spaceclearing?

I walk into the space, house, car, office and sense what is going on with the energies, things, people. I read energies, vibrations and history. I use all my psychic abilities to detect what is going on. I connect to the place, spirits or history there and communicate with whatever there is like with friends. Every thing, person, spirit needs to be heard. When we give that chance – we can shift energies, spaces and environments. We can clear the past, shift the energy and create the new shifts and results we so desire.

Our space around us is an extension of ourselves. If the space is not supporting us, it will influence everything around us and also inside us.

For example you may notice that you move to a new place and your financial situation changes to worse.

? One of the things to look for would be – what kind of neighbourhood am I in?

? Are people abundant here or more living from the lack illusion?

? Are people using alcohol and drugs here?

If they are, believe me or not, but it will influence your life too and usually for the worse.

? Have you made a vision board, which has some words in it, which actually create the twisted reality for you ( f.e I want to be loan free creates loans, as the Universe just understands loans, not loan free)?

How is the process done?

Any of the huge projects I have done recently is alike to the other ones. As every person is different, so are also places and people and their circumstances. My way of doing the space clearing is firstly talking to the energy or consciousness and then communicate with the surroundings. Listen to what everything has to say. If people do speak to animals, I do talk to entities, spirits and things. Because I have done that so for many years, it has given me new opportunities and also abundance in many possible ways and not only me, but also others who have used my services.

I sometimes use candles, herbs and drums, but I do not have to. I believe that simple cleansing is possible and all we have to do is just to have the intent and work with it consciously.

The second important approach with these kind of projects is that I also go through the person and ask them to release, let go and dissolve whatever is on their way to become who they choose to or live their dream. I also ask what they want and what and how they would love to change so that the outer reality can also align itself.

Everything we have in our life, whether it is a car, a home or a thing is here to support us and fulfil a task.

Most people do not give things tasks and these can become burdens.

If we do the space clearing, we should do it in a holistic way. We are all energy – so if we want to change any part, we have to change every part as a holistic whole. So this means, we need to also clean the owner, the details, stuff and things. Sometimes it is necessary to move to a new place or even country.

Situations where space clearing can help:

1. You moved into the house and you feel bad energy there and things are not going really well in your life after that.

2. You live in a place where you know someone has died and no clearing has been done.

3. Someone has used your car, apartment or house and left behind negative energies or even some spirits or just thought forms or beliefs which are not aligned with yours.

4. You just broke up or divorced and can not get your last partner out of your mind or your living space, your body and system, even though the things are gone.

5. How to sell the house, car or anything of your choice and find the new clients for your apartment if you have the rentals.

6. You have moved into a place where the previous owner used drugs, alcohol or some violence was happening.

7. You want to get rid of some old stuff, and do not know where to start.

8. You want to clear your space and have difficulties to organise it.

9. You have all of the above and additional issues.

I can come in as a Crystal Poppins and check into your life and space on all levels. Space clearing can be a good start to get things going, but I can also check other layers and levels. For advanced custom designed option, check out my Crystal Poppins link and read one of the testimonials after 2,5 months Crystal living in the property in London.

How many times must the space clearing be done?

Sometimes one clearing only does not help. I usually come in one more time after some time to check or more if needed, checks how things are. In between I give you tools and advice how to shift and keep the change happening in you and outside of you. My interest is also that people start to take full responsibility of their lives in all areas.

How much time does the house/space clearing take?

Usual house and space clearing takes usually 2 hrs – 3 hrs, but depends very much of how big the property is and what are the issues. Personal clearing may take 1 hr – 3 hrs depending on the issues as well. l have gathered some main issues and problems and intuitively pick up more stuff on the way to be cleared. My role is to make people more aware where they are acting unconsciously and where they are recreating their old life and old habits. Once the awareness is there, things can change;)

How much does it cost?

Service is priced according to the country where the processes are done. Ask Crystal.

Can this be done distantly on Skype or as a hangout online? 

Yes, it is possible, even though I have noticed that my physical presence sometimes contributes a great deal. There was one house which I cleared and then stayed the night to uplift and boost the house right after it. Some places I even offer now a service – being a on site therapist for a while after the clearing (have had one day, to one week or couple of months stays). The energy itself starts to transform and bring forth toxins and suppressed topics which are necessary for the move and change to happen. Openness to change helps a great deal. All the energy sessions and clearings are carried out and done by the New Time energies and balance energy which is very different from the rainbow energies prior to 1995. Every client may also get additional homework and assignments to help to integrate the new level of energies or changes which will be done.

The biggest recommendation is also that if someone truly has issues with energy protection to do Auratransformation™ session which helps to adjust your body and your spirit according to the New Time Energies (for those who are born before 1995).

Hawaii is one of the most potent places on this planet. 

Crystal Ra uses all of her knowledge and weaves together all the modalities she has learned within the last 20 years from all over the world.

At the moment (Dec 2018) she resides in Hawaii and enjoys her life with her wonderful King and serving people and community by sharing her gifts, talents and knowledge in multiple ways.

Results depend on your ability to receive, the will to change and if you follow Crystal’s advice and use her tools for homework. Crystal is very interested in  your feedback and your new happy life. Contact her here.