Wantra for groups

When you are offered Wantra by Crystal Ra you are offered several options.

To choose between:

a) Wantra passive floating session

b) Wantra active session

c) Wantra group session

d) Wantra couple’s session 


Wantra session in the Four Seasons Hotel in Mexico.

Wantra group session was developed firstly by Crystal Ra in Mexico during the summer of 2013 in the warm ocean waters of the Pacific Ocean. Every participant usually has a mask and snorkel and in order to really fully enjoy it some flotation devices as well. In this class we will explore our body, our muscles, our joints and how to become firstly a better friend with ourselves and secondly with everyone in the group.

The group adds a wonderful dynamics and possibilities which are not possible in the one to one session. Crystal Ra brought some of the main tantra movements in to the water as well. One of these is a process with 6 people where each person can experience the ultimate and total relaxation on a very deep level. This session activates a very deep level of trust, let go, receiving and full presence.

We often times will also work with the voice and sound, as this helps to rise the frequency of the pool and water inside the pool as well inside of us.

Adventure group in Hawaii in 2010 having fun in the natural warm ponds.

There is a certain level of pool fun and laughter each time as well, as this is activating our inner children and letting them out to play.

Crystal Ra is always connected to each particular group and the guidance where the energy and people would love to go. Often times new moves, new ideas are born during these group sessions.

The recent group sessions in Estonia during summer 2018 were the most powerful so far, as it included a lot more intuitive flow and energy work as well sound work than earlier. The last one was with the focus on uniting the masculine and feminine aspects and was the highlight of all the sessions previously.

Wantra group ritual in Hawaii, in the natural hot ponds, which lava swallowed in the summer of 2018. Beautiful memories.

These group sessions are the most powerful if people consciously choose to join. It includes couple of nice water rituals which can activate your individual as well collective energy with everyone present and shift your inner energy, water and presence instantly.

Because the session is done in the body warm temperature, it will dissolve your resistance very fast and start to shed your other layers which do not allow you to be who you are here to be.

To create the minimum maximum experience for the group the minimum of 6 participants are advised and maximum of 12. If we work with small groups, our processes are often times also more intense and deeper.

This is a passive Wantra floating session with a client in Mexico.

Ask for more info from Crystal Ra by emailing her crystalralaksmi @ gmail.com 

Group sessions are a beautiful offering to also other events which deal with the divine feminine and how to activate and balance your water element. It can offer a very deep and sacred quality to many adventures and Crystal Ra is opened for international cooperation opportunities.

Check out this little video about Wantra in English here: 

When Crystal Ra does Wantra sessions she feels it is an ultimate heaven for her. She would love to share her gifts wherever there are good pools for her to work and receptivity to receive her and her work. It is like she says – invitation to liquid heaven – to your true home.

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Ultimate relaxation in the body temperature water. Sessions in Algallika Center in Estonia.