Overview of the Holistic Abundance Challenge

Here you can find a nice overview links to all the days during this challenge with added task sheets, additional resource links or PDFs and also FB live videos in You Tube format. Check it out and share with many!  Continue reading

Health’s connections to Abundance Wheel, Inner Family & Abundance


Today we talk about how health is connected to Abundance Wheel, Inner Family and Abundance. I share several personal stories which are connected to the topic and how I found my solutions. Check it out, read, do the tasks and share! Continue reading

Introduction to Abundance Wheel and connection with the Inner Family


Today I invite you to adventure with me to the creation story of the Abundance Wheel and we can check out how this universal system can help us all to make our lives more abundant wherever we are or what we do.

We will also check what is the connection between the Inner Family and Abundance Wheel?  Continue reading