Habits make you who you are!

aablogsaladdinnerLet me introduce you to my two new friends: Mr Dicipline and Mrs Priorities. My new friends who help me to succeed and constantly create new sustainable life on all levels!

I thought what would it take to change some of my bad habits and self sabotaging patterns?

Sleeping patterns?

The sleeping patterns have been very messed up recently. Because of the time difference with Europe is pretty bad (8 hours) it is almost impossible to get connected if you do not get up superearly or stay up late.

Today the idea came that what would happen if I would not sleep during the night, I would choose to step into my business powerwoman and just shoot the whole night and the day, until I drop. Which gave me an experience that I slept only 3 hours during that day (2 plus 1) and the rest of the day was super effective. I listened to my body fully and acted accordingly. And I changed the pattern in cooperation with my body! Wow!

Postpone everything to the last moment?

One of the patterns which has been really bad – has been to postpone everything I have to do to the last moment and that creates a lot of stress. So what would it take to change that? Maybe to do something totally different?

Change that with Empower Network!

What I find fascinating about Empower Network, is that it gives you an opportunity to self discipline yourself together with others. My problem the recent years have been that I have too much time, so I am not very good at planning or organizing myself. This way not much gets done and I destroy myself more and more.

8 commitments can help!

If you have the 8 commitments in Empower Network and keep them, plus have the group’s support, it gives you aslo a possibility to take the necessary steps to succeed. Because for sure if you change your habits, also people you had around you, will change and you will succeed. It is just so easy and so simple!

These have been the two things I have been missing in my life and some of my reasons to join the Empower Network. What are yours?