Weekly keys – 27th of April – 4th of May – Detach yourself from the roots of resentment!

11nuevosunseetThis week’s keys are like a cocktail of different topics. We start to get the roots of our resentment out, thereafter exploring what is working and what is not. How are things with the darkness and light in the new energies, what to do in order to stop copying others lack programs? How can you change your outer world when you meet regularly with your inner woman and man with the three selves?

Resentment roots

Where does the resentment come from? You have not taken care of your needs. You always adjust your needs to other people around you, but at one point of time your inner you is screaming as it needs to be taken care of. That is the point where the fake you will explode and the true you will emerge. That hurts a lot. The only way to detach yourself from the roots of resentment is to start to take care of your needs right now and at all times, no matter what other people are doing and choosing and saying to you. The next step after that is to start to express it verbally and without the fear. Most people do not do it freely as they are afraid to ‘rock the boat’ or being rejected. But it is better to rock the boat and being rejected than to live a lie. Living a lie does not get you anywhere and everything you build on top of it or around it will collapse sooner or later.

0textbeautifulWorking on the light and dark – positive and negative in the new time

In the old time we could just focus on the positive and make it amplify. In the new energy, especially if you have gotten Auratransformation, you can not hide and run away from your shadows or your negative sides. These need to be addressed, faced, healed and embraced. When the spirit enters the tiny particles in us to transform and expand these into true balance energy, it will go through both extremes. How extreme this will be, depends on the person’s openness to face the darkness.

You can not run away from it, or if you can, only for a short period of time. It is like pushing a lid on something which is boiling very hard. What happens is that after some time the pressure will get higher and higher and it will explode the whole situation even worse. In order to embrace your shadows you need to create a safe place to do so. If you have no friend or partner to help you with that, sit in front of the mirror and talk to yourself. Tell yourself everything what bothers you, what you do not like about yourself. Let your inner masculine hold space for you. Say thank you that you shared your vulnerability with him. Only then you can transform this into consciousness and balance energy.

moneysuitcaseCopying the ‘abundance and money programs’

Most people are not aware that we copy most of the time automatically the ‘abundance and money programs’ of all the people who are around us, especially the ones who are your family members, then of course the community where you live and the culture and the country.

For example – Mexico as a country does not really focus much on a profit. Most families here focus on to get by and have enough. The values say that the most important is the family. So whoever comes into this cultural value system, will be copied into this. In order to avoid these programs to start to run you, you need to really be very conscious.

11yelapaiguanaOther challenging situation is your partner or family members. If they have lack illusion or live a very limited life, then it will automatically copy on you, unless you command otherwise. I have noticed it throughout the times – when I am together with people who live and dream big, my finances multiply, when the opposite happens, my bank account suffers as well.

How to change that?

You just give your whole body, mind and spirit commands that it will not copy anything from anywhere or anyone before you tell so. How do you know it has changed? Take at least 1 week where you take notes, how much money comes in and how much money goes out. See how that shifts and changes according to the places, countries and people where you are. If you see that something is multiplying and expanding, look deeper into that and see how you can get more of that. If you tune into your intuition, it will let you know.

What works and what does not?

Our life gives us many possibilities to figure out what works for us and what does not, what feels expansive and what does not. It should be like a constant research project to make notes on everything what uplifts you, expands you, gives you wings, and everything else which contracts you, limits you and cut your wings, you should not choose into your life again.

dolphinmermaidInner meetings

I had a meeting with my inner man and woman and my higher self, middle self and lower self. They were all sitting in separate corners. It almost felt like they had gone through some kind of war or a tsunami. They were not even talking together. So no wonder that I feel paralyzed and can not really get things done in the outer reality.

parrotflighttextI had a meeting with them, going to each one of them. Asking them what do they need and what got them there. The inner man and woman were completely shocked and almost shivering. I comforted them and asked them to go for a walk in the jungle, holding hands. It was really hard for them. I was wondering why. When I asked that from the energies – the answer came that because they were just together and having fun with another couple – the inner man and a woman in another person and they feel like they got rejected and left behind in a very confusing way. They had no hope any more. All they wanted was to dance together and love and be loved.

I understood then that when we are in a relationship our inner man and woman will connect with that other person’s inner man and woman. It felt to me that they were sad, grieving and resentful for what happened. I sent them for a walk.

Thereafter I talked to my higher self. It was kind of bossy indifferent – saying that I do not ever really listen what it says and how it warned me about the future. I apologized and showed him my new agreement list with myself. That made him calm down more.

My middle self was very upset as many things have not got done during the resent weeks. She showed me a full list of stuff and was very upset. I told her that I am going to fill my schedule in a detailed way and follow it during the following month. She seemed hesitant, as it did not trust me. So I have to prove myself that this is true.

My inner child was in the corner, crying. No one had played with her for some time and even though she was taken care of, she had no proper attention. I asked what she would like to do and she said she would love to start with blowing bubbles. So I blew some bubbles with her. It calmed her down.

Later when my inner man and woman came back from the walk, I asked all of them to join me for a dinner as I was out and eating at the restaurant. I started to have a proper meeting, listening everyone’s point of view. We made a new plan for the next month. I am now going to write it all down and follow it step by step. Everyone seemed to be happy again. The picture looked like we were all back on the boat, everyone got their task and did their part. No resentment, no hurt. I felt so much calmer as well.

true loveThis is an example how you can work with yourself inwardly and how that can bring results outwardly as well. It may seem like a talk with your invisible friends, but if you truly look they are really real inside of you.

This week I have done so much of the work what is really dear to my heart and I have also earned more money than for a long time and I got some golden ideas, which in case I manage to convert into forms and projects, will give me all and more than I need.

Home assignment

Create a sacred space and quiet time where you can invite your inner man and woman come to meet you. Ask if they need anything, look how do they interact with each other. If they are not interacting, then ask why and what can you do to help them.

Then do the same for your three selves. I have worked with these elements inside of me for the past 5 years and I must say that it works every time. The best psychologist ever! Just a lot cheaper!!!

Go through the 3 selves (from the Huna tradition in Hawaii). The higher self is your spiritual self who knows all the best routes for your spirit to fully express itself without any limitations on all levels. It talks usually through our intuition. Most of the time we do not listen. More we listen, more it will trust and cooperate with us. It is a representation of the air element.

Middle self is the practical self, who takes rationally care of life, practical matters and works through logic. It is the self, which helps us to schedule our days, pay bills, go to meetings etc. It is completely rooted to our earth element as well the fire element, especially when we have found our mission. Then things what we need to do will be delegated to others so that we can fully focus on what we are most best at.

Lower self is our inner child, who needs a roof over the head, food and clothing. It is also this part of ourselves which is connected to the subconscious. But also fun and play and all that. If we do not take care of it and give no space and time for it, it will become resentful and the flow in our life disappears. It is closely connected to the water element, as it teaches us to take care of the flow in our life and trust and surrender. Water here is also the element of emotions and the feminine.

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000crystalsmileyellowI am Crystal Ra Laksmi. I am exploring myself and all the crooks and corners inside of me. I am getting throughly into it. I am not leaving anything out. I am more and more fascinated how you can embrace the shadows and how after facing them, they land on the balance platform. My journeys through my inner landscapes have helped me to become a more balanced woman. Sharing these journeys with my readers expands me to live my life more fully and hopefully inspire others to explore theirs and stretch their eagle wings.