1. Where are you?

Welcome to Crystal Ra Laksmi’s web page!

I offer different services, workshops and playshops online and live and adventures globally. The main focus is on the body-mind-spirit tools in order to give people a chance to create a new sustainable reality, including harmony, balance and holistic abundance on all levels. More and more online possibilities will come up with time. You can also choose my services as a group service or as one to one session. Would you love to start already today? Let me know!

2. What can you do here?

* You can read blog posts, where I have collected loads of inspiration and ideas and tips how to become a better friend with yourself and your world. I share my ideas, experiences from my trips all around the world.  I have practised it all during the last 14 years and it has worked for me and for all of my clients and will work for you too if you adjust it according to your life and being and circumstances.

* Check my website for the latest updates and blog posts as well the freshest testimonials.

* You can also find me on Facebook as well on You Tube. Just type in my full name.

crystal ra laksmi with laurieI am developing my Wantra modality (water+tantra) and you have a chance to take courses, and educate yourself with new tools as well become a teacher in Wantra.

I can custom design your adventure group anywhere in the world or in my favourite destinations (Estonia, Norway, Mexico, Hawaii etc) or the destinations you pick. I have a natural talent to cooperate with the locals and bring also new ideas and abundance to locals through the groups. You will get an amazing adventure mixed with self development tools and return home as a new person enjoying the continuos change.

As time goes by I will add more technical tools and systems and small e-books and materials, which can inspire you to make changes and shift in your life happen as fast as you choose.

3. How does this benefit you?

* You get many tools and possibilities to contribute to your own new sustainable life. I have the latest transformational modalities like AuratransformationTM, Experience based Tantra Body Sessions, Body sessions, Touch therapy, Water Therapy, WantraTM in the water and on land, StretchDance in the SeaTM, RebirthingTM, Orgasmic MeditationTM etc. All of these tools are updated to the latest new time energies. All of the tools work on the mind-body-spirit approach, which is absolutely necessary to make a holistic change happen in all areas of your life.

* This is beneficial to you as you

– Start to live the life the way you choose in abundance on all levels, and you do not have to worry how to make the ends meet.

– Through the abundant toolbox you change yourself and the world and everyone around you.

– You tune in more into your passion and choose what works for you.

– You learn how to set boundaries and choose what makes you thrive in life. 

– You learn how to use all of the tools yourself, even when I am not around and become a full captain of your life!

kyljepealtmarinpruunTake contact with me already today. Use my contact form here!