Inspirational International Interviews by Crystal Ra Laksmi-Ditton

Thank you for visiting my page. Here is a collection of my longer interviews with very inspirational people who I am so lucky to also personally know. I hope you will find amusement, motivation and new ideas from all of these interviews from all over the world.

Some previous interviews are going to come out soon as well some new ones. Stay tuned!

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*** Interview with Diina Tamm, who dances through the dots in New York


*** The pleasures of the simple life – An interview with a mom, sailor and writer Kai Wallin


*** She has found the magic question to get anyone out of their deepest abyss – Interview with the award winning published author Joylene Nowell Butler

15.05. 2016

*** The scientist exploring the inner and outer worlds as the snowbird in Mexico – Interview with Janet Hudson


*** A Journey of Involution – How limitations can be your ticket to your freedom – Interview with the musician and artist Sonny Davis


*** Surfing through life and astrology waves – Interview with Katrin Haiba


*** Tacking the blog – Interview with Michael Ditton – Dreams, Goals and Adventure 

25.01. 2016

Meet the Authors event in La Cruz, Mexico – presenting Michael’s book ‘Dreams, Goals and Adventure’.