Crystal Ra’s and Michael’s Bios in English for the Estonian Tantrafestival

Tantra Bios in English

Our story has been exciting and different. It does not happen every day that an Estonian and an American meet in a small fishing village in Mexico by a coincident. When two people meet like that, it is often times like two puzzle pieces fit together on every level. Michael swept Crystal Ra off her feet with his royal gentleman like behavior and Michael was mesmerized by Crystal Ra’s mysteriousness.

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Crystal Ra Laksmi-Ditton is  Estonia-born who has lived abroad most of her adult life. She began with self-development and group therapies when she was 18 years old. During this time she developed the ability to analyze herself and connect with her inner creativity weaving together the intuition which created many opportunities to travel the world. She always brought new experiences and inspirational moments during her travels. She started leading self-development groups in Norway in 2000 and created her own innovative self-development business in Estonia in 2007.

Crystal Ra has been fascinated with human nature. Her journeys have inspired her to look for answers to questions like: how does our cultural heritage and roots influence our experiences and our future?

This deep curiosity along with her sailor dad’s genes brought her to social anthropology studies in Oslo, Cape Town University, where she continued to work towards and receive her masters degree in visual anthropology while at Tromsö University in Norway. With the help of the video camera she captured the human triumph in several documentaries. The connective element in all of these stories was love. It does not matter where we are born or raised, we all have the deep desire to love and be loved.

While she participated in summer events in Zegg Eco village in Berlin, Germany in 2008, she met the tantra master Lokiano. In spring of 2009 they started to cooperate and Crystal Ra who was one of the first in Estonia to organize courageous public tantra classes with Lokiano and remained his main cooperation partner in Estonia for 2.5 years.

The classes happened most months and sometimes many weeks in the row. This gave a very deep and powerful tantric world experience for Crystal Ra as Lokiano’s background in tantra was rooted into the Eastern Osho’s approach which was mixed with the Western Wilhelm Reich’s energy work from Germany. The synthesis of these two approaches built Crystal Ra’s foundation for the deep approach for tantra.

Later Crystal Ra was the first to bring to Estonian a new tantra couple, Niten and Santoshi, who’s background was also connected to Osho’s approach and to the Tantra School in England lead by the tantra master Sarita. These courses were much more dynamic and powerful as the classes were taught by a very dynamic tantra couple who’s main tools were free movement and tantra dance.

Crystal Ra has also done many tantra classes under Andrew Barns from Australia. She also connected and learned from Dan Powers and Elizabeth Woods in Colorado, USA. Crystal Ra has collected many new tantra experiences from her own life experiences, relationships and from other teachers whose focus has mainly been on balancing the body, mind and spirit.

The last powerful experience was with Nancy Lucina and Brandon’s ‘Sacred Relationship’ class in Mexico, which refreshed already known material and inspired us with a lot of new information. The sacred cacao ceremony with the local shamans opened up her heart into new levels of vulnerability, the goddess awareness and consciousness.

Crystal Ra has had many relationships during her life which has enriched her research of human nature and is covered in her new book which will be introduced during the Tantrafestival in Estonia 2018.

Her partner and husband Michael has added more value to her experiences. It is her first relationship where all levels have been activated in full power with full growth and expansion in the harmonic energy flow.

Michael Ditton has worked with himself very throughly through his businesses, real estate investments and self improvement. Michael has very deep knowledge about human nature, psyche and how to communicate with others. He has a wonderful ability to see everything with a fresh and new eye and point to solutions which others may not be able to see themselves. He has a very good ability to guide people into the path of harmony while they are truly connected to their inner path.

He is always curious to read and research more and is currently enrolled in the hypnotherapy school and classes to improve his coaching skills.

Tantra was introduced to him when he met Crystal Ra. Michael discovered he has really good hands that allow him to guide energies and hold space very naturally. In addition he knows the female body very well. His royal way of being makes everyone feel safe, relaxed, important and fully taken care for.

Michael and Crystal Ra are playfully opened to each other to discover and try out new and exciting energy and tantra techniques. Michael also participated in the ‘Sacred Relationship’ class in Mexico which he found very inspiring.

Michael’s past relationships have turned him into a very mature man who is now much more conscious and knows how to deal with challenges that could arise making it easier to co-create and keep the harmonic and sustainable relation with his beloved wife Crystal Ra.

Crystal Ra and Michael would like to support and guide you on your path to explore yourself to the depth of who you are meant to be. They will offer many topic related workshops and private sessions at the tantra festival.

One of the topics which is dear to both of them is how to create a deep and safe space so that everyone could get in touch with their hidden emotional and sexual wounds through the presence of consciousness and love, moving you to a level where you feel truly connected to your being and you can create a better version of yourself and your future.

They also love to share their own experiences, tools and techniques on how to turn multicultural relationships into sustainable and harmonious relations.

To top it of they also consider themselves Aloha Ambassadors who sprinkle love and kindness wherever they go and whoever they touch with their beings or presence. Aloha goes a long way and is very infectious.

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