Dana about the house and body-mind-spirit clearing

danahouseI worked with Crystal on my Dolphin Dream​ Penthouse clearing and helping to have a clean start in my life as well after I felt a spell had been put on me.​
Crystal was an onsite working therapist for 1 week. I would recommend that set up very much as Crystal is very attentive at all times and picked up information which otherwise would not be possible. Crystal helped to go through the whole penthouse​ and all the crooks and corners and also asked different questions about different artifacts and things.
​Looks like I had a lot of past history in my penthouse and we talked about  it and  I could become more clear what to do with them and how to make the whole ​Penthouse​ work and contribute for me the ways I choose.
After we had worked through the whole Penthouse two floors​ – Crystal walking through it, asking me questions and doing clearings and shifts verbally, I felt much better and lighter in my mind and body. In the very end of the session, after couple of hours had passed, Crystal worked on my head, holding her fingers on the 32 points on my head.
She went through many more of my blockages and hidden problems by asking questions and verbally clearing these, so that by the end of it I felt much lighter and better  and to me was like my mind being clear out of trash some what like a computer deleting crap, the ‘fingers talking’ was my high light.​
I truly believe in what Crystal says that ​the penthouse​ and ourselves are very connected and weaved together and in order for us to really change that, we need to work on both of them simultaneously.
After that time and work I have also noticed that my business has picked up, I have better and easier clients, money comes more easily and things flow with much more ease than before. I would recommend everyone to choose to work with Crystal.
She is also very international, has many experiences working in many cultures, which makes it easy for her to work with clients from all over the world. She is very punctual, honest and orderly in her business. She has many different tools and modalities and I know that I have just used a little bit of these and ready to try out some more.
Dana – (57, single​ ) from UK,​ living in ​Nuevo Vallarta Nayarit​ Mexico