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It is about time to dust off my blog and start to share my articles here as I used to. So they will be all in one place and easily accessible and you will have full overview of my content all in one place. Today I will write about my experience working in the metaphysical shop in Daytona Beach and what ideas and insights that has offered me.

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Since the last time you heard from me here I moved from Mexico, got married to Michael – my Spirit Mate in Hawaii, lived there for 2 years and then moved to San Diego where we lived 2 years and then 1,5 years in Texas and now here in Florida, Daytona Beach.

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Some years ago when I studied in Norway I worked in a cheese counter to earn extra money for my studies. If you did not yet know it – Oslo – is one of the most expensive cities in the whole world. Sometimes I look back at that time and wonder how I made it. I do not remember a single day I went hungry or bored… I was smart, active and I reset my life on every level. I had no other choice. My life as I knew it collapsed and I was almost like spitted out from my home country so I had to come to Norway to build myself up. No better place to do it. Especially as it is also cold – it builds extra resilience!

CC Vest cheese counter in Oslo. Picture from the Internet.

My cheese counter work was a part time job which I did strategically to qualify for future loans from the Norwegian state for my further studies. It worked as by the end of my 3 years of Bachelor studies I did an exchange semester in Cape Town and I got the loan and stipend for that, even though first they said I am not qualifying.

I played my own advocate and complained and got the yes only 1 week prior my departure. That was really something! Later I also did my masters degree with additional support from Norwegian state. I also felt I deserved it as my au pair family had not paid my taxes – so my 2 years prior my studies did not support me the way I thought. What a lesson to be learned. Trust but check!

When I started my cheese counter work it was wearing heavy on me. I had a very challenging department leader who was a difficult personality. When she was working – it was guaranteed no one could stay happy.

But then one summer me and another student wanted to get some extra hours in and the opportunity presented itself. The department leader got cancer and was out of work for the whole summer. We were sad for her and wished her well. But me and the other student took over the whole counter!

Wow! Was that a trip and how everything shifted! I imagined now that I am a “cheese angel” offering advice to every client coming and asking about cheese. In the beginning I had no clue what I was doing. Then I studied it and could almost talk scientifically about different cheese families and all. I started to do “cheese poems”, amazing tasters and also rearranged the whole counter so that the right cheese families would be together as they supposed to. First the clients had resistance as they were used to the old system. But once we got them trained – they realized it made so much more sense the way we reorganized it.

So that summer turned into a happy summer – bicycling to work, building my muscles, and building my finances so I could start my next year with no headache about my new books or any additional school expenses. I remember that I went to work with excitement – as to what else can my “cheese angel role” change and bring forth…

It does not take much to be happy and activate our joy!

So now working in the metaphysical shop – imagining that I am in the crystal school and getting paid for learning about crystals has really been an amazing trip. The situation is not identical with Norway one, but there is a lot to learn here.

I also have noticed that after working in the shop for 1,5 months what works and what does not work, what I can do to contribute, and also use this to really change my old patterns in communication with others.

It has also been an interesting experience as I have never ever felt so many prejudices or judgments about myself or my inheritance in any other place I have stayed or lived in USA – like Hawaii, San Diego, New York, Chicago or even Texas. Once I inquired about it it was told to me that further south you go – more judgments people may have because of the history. That was an interesting experience. In most places I have felt like my nationality and my story is something exciting and inviting. Not always here. That is just an interesting observation.

Now bear in mind I also am not only a natural “social anthropologist” but I also have 2 science degrees in it and I can use this as my own personal “field work” to observe what is going on and how the social dynamics work and how I can improve myself. I use my Inner Sage to keep me on the positive and happy side. But there has also been some of the days which was totally off. I guess it is like in life. You are on and off. Up and down. But now I have learned to also preset it and this week was a proof of that this works.

In addition I feel like I am in the “real life jungle”. I have lived in my own little “new time energy bubble” and things are done quite differently in there. I would love to share some of the main insights I have got which have a potential to help you further in your life or someone you know.

Here are some insights I have got from my readings in the shop during the 1,5 months:

– Most people may not understand that they create their reality. It starts with THOUGHTS, then WORDS, then ACTIONS – it is what I call a “creation formula”. When we do that and take responsibility we step out of the VICTIM mentality and become the bosses of our reality. How simple right?

– When we are in the PUSHING and FIGHTING energy – we do not only push people, opportunities and abundance, including money away from ourselves, but also our true authentic path. So all we need to do is to turn things around to figure out how to get to the opposite side – PULLING energy. Once we do that – volaaa…. Happiness and abundance happen – almost simultaneously! If you have no idea how to do that – ask me more!

– As I am right now in the Mental Fitness coaching program I realized also how most people are lead and hijacked by their saboteurs without them knowing. When I acknowledge their presence energetically but also tell them that I see through what they are doing … they sometimes almost blush and want to hide… As suddenly the pattern is interrupted. It is a fun game. I love it. My Sage and I have so much fun!

– The understanding that if we would focus more on what we do and love and what are our talents – our lives will change almost overnight and all the abundance and even luxury can be poured into our lives almost instantly. Our lives are exactly what we believe in. Want to change what you have? Do an inventory of your beliefs and thoughts! That simple!

– How crystals can become our assistants and fun partners in life. Every week I learn about some really weird or unknown crystal. They present themselves through the card readings as I have the crystal cards or someone comes in and asks about a crystal I have not heard. So I look it up and the crystal starts to assist me. I have had a whole trip with Moldavite recently and I am collecting all my information into a bigger post or video in the future. So stay tuned. I love this process of learning and growing in the metaphysical field.

– Everything is DIVINE – even when things do not go the way you plan or expect. There is divine in everything. I love to see how that unfolds every day. Living in that “who knows what is good and what is bad?” helps to eliminate all resistance.

– When we start to write the manuscript of our dream life and future – the universe will finally have the menu to work on as we are taking charge. If you do not have your dream life yet … time to create that dream manuscript and start to enhance it and feed it so it can manifest with ease.


So this is my first little input from my adventures here in Daytona Beach.

 I am Crystal Ra Laksmi-Ditton – Holistic Wellness Coach – who can help you to realign your Body, Mind and Spirit to optimize your life from empty and unhappy to fulfilled and happy. There is nothing more exciting for me than to empower people and guide them back to their true power and awaken their understanding that they truly are their own bosses and creators of their dream lives.

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With Aloha, till we meet again!
Crystal Ra

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