Human Design: Projector. How I have lived a dream life as a Projector.

Aloha, In this video you hear how I have lived my life as a Projector and finally starting to reset it consciously.

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I am an Inner Alchemist and a Holistic Wellness coach who has worked on the inner world personally as well professionally for 25+ years internationally.

My videos are based on my experiences, energy readings and insights I have collected over the years or recently at times directly channelled.

Notes of the video:

1:45 Going back in time to figure out how many things in my life were through invitation

2:15 Introduction to Human Design and its creator Ra Uru Hu

2:44 Human Design combines astrology, Kabala, Chakra System and I Ching

3:06 Human Design types – Projector, Generator, Manifesting Generators and Reflectors

3:19 18 – 20% of the population are Projectors

3:35 Growing up in Soviet Estonia with a grandmother who taught me how to be a masculine woman, never ask for help, rely only on yourself, do not wait for an invitation,

4:06 Discovering that I have intuitively followed my Inner Woman’s archetype most of my adult life

4:15 Personal stories to exemplify the Projector magic

4:31 My current life – Part time coachand part time retail assistant and reader

5:17 Draining energy – ready for change

5:30 7 figure coaching currently 6:09 Slow manifestation for Projector may have many reasons

7:03 Projectors not made for a job from 8 -5

7:08 Many projectors end up like fishes climbing a tree

7:15 Get the fish back to the ocean to get things to flow again

7:28 From High School to Technical school to study business administration and secretary job

8:06 Job in the confectionary factory for 4 months

8:29 Did a full Projector Reorganizing in the office

9:21 Figuring out that secretary job was not good for my character type

10:02 Cat Missy visits

11:22 Part time job in the cheese counter in Norway as a student of anthropology

12:09 Reorganizing the cheese counter as a Projector

13:37 Projectors can increase the value of any organization in no time if asked advice

14:02 Projector’s energy starts to transform everything around it

14:23 5 people left the shop, owners divorced and technical changes

14:48 Ideal work for the Projector would be just couple of hours a day

16:10 Fulfilling your Dharma (LIFE MISSION) will become your first priority

16:17 If not doing what is your Mission, you will get very bitter, resentful, as a Projector

16:46 Experiences in big organizations giving my unsolicited adviceI

17:12 I saw what was wrong and what could have been done more effectively

17:32 Can read energies and organizations

17:46 Projectors like cleansers of the planet

18:06 It is very hurtful for the Projector not to be acknowledged or recognized

22:28 My talents – traveling, speaking, writing, helping people with my wellness and spiritual coaching, doing adventure retreats in the nature

23:00 Projectors should not be in the cave – then their energy is not activated and invitations will not come don’t have it or I kind of go into my cave energy then everything kind of Falls support and invitations don’t come

23:40 Projector assignment – do the 5 love language test and then give the first 3 to yourself for the 30 days to fill yourself:

24:23 When not recognized for a long time it grows self-doubt and lowers self esteem

24:56 Overview of my “invitations timeline”

25:01 Danish Folk High School for 5 months

25:19 Trips to Norway as well Italy came as invitations

25:46 South Africa, Cape Town as a exchange student

26:20 Projectors need to get out and be visible

27:32 Holistic Fair in Cape Town

27:44 Angel House angel classes till the certification of the angel therapist

28:16 Invitations in Norway

28:21 Invitation to go back to Estonia after 7 years away

28:58 Estonia Tv, Media, Radio, Magazines

29:29 Invitation from Mexico from several people

29:59 Four Seasons, St Regis Spa, Villa Ananda Boutique Spa, a special pool for my Wantra services 30:43 Became Mexican resident as well got my work visa

31:25 Article in the local Mexican newspaper got more visibility

31:45 Got invitation to the local Marina and to work with challenging local teenagers

32:22 Traveled to 30 countries looking for my Mr Right

32:40 Gave up looking and he sailed in on a sail boat in Mexico

33:11 Got married in Hawaii

33:40 Transforming my water fear in Hawaii

33:53 Invitation to do water fear healing work in Estonia

35:43 Cat Missy moment 2

36:20 Invitation about Relationship Guidance – created Inner Family Archetype program

37:00 Powerful transformations for the clients – new jobs, new partners, or letting go of the old

37:20 Go to Hawaii and Mexico 2 times recently

37:48 Projectors need to learn to acknowledge and appreciate the invitations 38:04 Projectors need to work on their TRUST muscle

38:23 Do what you love in between invitations, get new skills

38:43 Bootcamp about Hawaii – three times for 3 months

39:55 Projector energy can be misused

40:03 Check your invitations as a projector

40:49 Projectors need to learn how to set boundaries to protect their energy

41:20 Checking what you dive in – Family Constellation was stopped for me

42:04 Projectors need to work on their visibility

42:40 Projector’s visibility issue can be stuck in different experiences

43:12 Heal the traumas connected to it

43:33 Visibility experience in Estonia turned upside down 44:24 When Projectors burnout can turn into frustration and irritation

45:29 Offering services under value creates an issue in the long term

46:25 Developing my own Holistic Wellness program

46:42 Let go Emotional Eating and Food Addiction new bonus program

47:02 Learn something new as a Projector – become a master in it for your next invitation 48:32 Did my podcasts for 2 years

49:14 New reformed podcast is coming with community option

49:59 Auratransformation brought me also a big following with 6 months waiting list

51:47 Turned around from masculine woman to more feminine

51:52 Reset my life with good food, training, social life, even a boyfriend

53:17 How I figured out how some people tried to misuse my time and turn it into coaching 54:11 My sister is a Generator in Human Design, my husband Manifesting Generator

54:32 Why a Projector and Manifesting Generator are a good match?

55:29 My husband is valuing my unique talents and abilities

56:25 Manifesting Generators need Projectors to guide them

57:07 People who are Manifesting Generators as friends and do not acknowledge Projectors talents – should they even be friends?

57:51 Why we match so well with my husband

57:56 Bigger moves in my life came from invitations – Northern Norway’s master’s degree 58:39 Mexico – went for 1 week and stayed for 4 years

59:10 Hawaii, San Diego, Texas and Florida moves

1:01:50 My take on Projectors and relationships

1:02:29 Why Relationships Alchemy program is so great both for professional as well personal levels?

1:03:07 What about Projectors needing to sleep separately?

1:04:51 Why I think all married couples should sleep separately at times?

1:07:16 How cool it is to be a filmmaker as a Projector?

1:07:36 What do I think are the main elements of the Projectors?

1:09:20 What happens when Projector energy gets stuck?

1:10:07 My thoughts on the name Ra Uru Hu

1:11:20 What is suggested for Projectors as a diet?

1:11:48 To wrap up – do not get stuck in waiting for invitation, do what you love, prepare that way for the next one

1:12:44 Positive Intelligence experience

1:13:03 Mind – Became a Mental Fitness coach

1:13:15 Spiritual help – Inner Family Archetypes work

1:13:26 WILDFIT 90 is a body program changes you on biochemical level

1:14:08 12 months transformation year program with Body, Mind and Spirit – no need for psychologist or therapy after this

1:15:00 Be attentive when Universe or your Intuition is pushing some of your talents to the surface – take action!

1:15:28 Wantra water therapy – Liquid Heaven

1:15:51 It is great to get paid for your unique talents

1:16:14 Can help you to find your LIFE MISSION?

1:17:11 Business reset through my Inner Child and Inner Woman and YIN energy

1:17:55 You can become a helper for Projectors as you already are an expert for them! 1:19:10 Do not need to be liked by everyone but by people who see your gifts and talents 1:19:54 2027 will be a major Projector year

1:21:00 Comment your thoughts below and let me know if you feel I could help you

1:21:14 Let me know if you have any questions

1:21:40 Another video about Aura for a Projector

** This video is inspiring for you – feel free to share it with many. If you would love to book a session with me – email me what are you interested in by email and lets make it happen.

Here is a list of things I offer: Numerology, Mermaid Divination, Tarot readings, Energy readings, Breakthrough sessions, 12 months transformation year program, 90 day programs for Body, Mind and Spirit and more.

I am Crystal Ra Laksmi-Ditton – a Holistic Wellness Coach as well Inner Alchemist and I resides currently in Florida with my amazing Spirit Mate husband and 3 cats. My main purpose is to guide people to heal and reset their Body, Mind and Spirit through different metaphysical tools and alchemy. It is a nice fusion of my own experiences and global studies about healing, wellness and anthropology and more. I have been certified in several world class modalities what is most important to me is to be fully present to my clients and customize the guidance according to their needs.

With Aloha, Crystal Ra Laksmi-Ditton

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