John’s testimonial after 7 body, mind, spirit sessions with Crystal

johnJohn Hinrichs took my sessions over the period of 2,5 weeks here in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It is my first male client who dares to take so many sessions in such a short time period. It was a huge pleasure to work with him as he was not resistant to anything. The openness also created big results in a very short period of time. I am so proud of him and her progress!

His menue consisted of:

1. 2 Wantra sessions in the bodywarm water

2 & 3. 2 Access Body Sessions (MTVSS and Cellular memory)

4. One relaxing tantra massage

5. Access Bars

6. Wantra Group stretching on Land

Check out her video testimonial here

Sessions took place in Puerto Vallarta in March 2014 during 2,5 week period. It was my first experience to see someone working so intensively with my techniques. I saw lots of changes in John and his way of being and thinking. It blows my mind sometimes how we can help each other and shift so quickly! Thank you John! You are a true gift to this planet!