Inner Family Therapy Coaching Program – Heal and reset your Inner Family to activate Holistic Abundance


This program has been tested for several times and ways both with English speaking clients as well others. It has been done as a group coaching as well individual coaching and also a fused version of both with absolutely mind blowing results!


How did it start for me? I think from the early childhood as I did not have the perfect family, not enough love the way I needed or  wanted it, a child to alcoholic parents I was not destined for much. But despite all the challenges and abysses in my life I have accomplished quite a lot and come far. Sometimes it feels I have lived many lifetimes in one. If you would love to have a little longer overview of how that has been – check it out here: 


‘I was stuck. It was 2013 and I was in Estonia. None of my old ideas were working any more and I did not have enough new ideas. I was healing and wounded after the last love relationship, which had just finished. My inner child was very tired and very wounded.

My inner man gave me an idea to go to Mexico with only one way ticket. I replied that it is not possible as I did not have that much extra money at that moment. The inner woman stood up and gave me an idea how to create an online product called ‘money magnet’ and price it at 5 euros and sell 100 of those – so I could get the extra money for the ticket. Which I did.

That is how I traveled to Mexico – just for a week and stayed for 4 years, so that only 1 year later my king Michael could sail in on the white sail boat in order to meet me! My inner family had guided me to my new king! Meeting him changed my life completely on every level! We have been happily married now for several years, co-creating our dreams and changing the world together!’

This story is my personal story, which is just one of the millions how our Inner Family can help us to create our life and reality in order to better our lives.

Since that moment I started to seriously work deeper with my Inner Family till I got married to myself (helped to marry my Inner Woman and Inner Man) publicly in October 2016, which reached also to the cover pages of the local newspapers in Estonia as well global media. I did took it seriously! Check it out here: 

As I have said earlier – the relationship corner is one of the cornerstones of my Abundance Wheel system I have developed. Your sexuality, your health, your life mission and abundance are all dependent on the relationship corner. All relationships are based on the relationship with yourself and your Inner Family. Even if you consciously do not work with your Inner Family, they exist and can stop or can help you.

After many years of experimenting with my Inner Family on myself and my life, I started to share it also in my online programs, clients, friends and started to also offer individual Inner Family adventure journeys.

Individual Inner Family guided journeys have elements of my first angel meditation journeys, but it is now fully integrated and adjusted with the New Time energies and elements. More I started to offer these sessions personally, bigger and more powerful changes came up in people.

Michael and I in Waikiki, where we celebrated our first anniversary in 2018 with a new family member – a little monkey called Happy, who is Michael’s Inner Child representative. I have a lamb.

More I started to offer these LIVE with my king Michael during different LIVE events – more people were helped in big groups, as we activated the inner man and woman energies.

By now this has become our biggest and best topics which has been the most popular in the menu of topics we offer, as this helps people to transpersonal exploration and change their lives completely through it.

My online classes experiences taught me that if the Inner Family was not coming along with a particular participant, then I could not transfer the information or facilitate it properly, as the receptive field was completely closed. I started to offer individual sessions and it helped to solve that problem not only during my online programs but also our live retreats.

How does this coaching program work? 

This individual coaching program is a 4 months online program, where in this particular program once a month you will have a 1,5 hour online call where the first 30 minutes is a check-in since the last session and the last hour will go into the guided journey. I will record it. You will have the possibility to listen to this within the next month and observe, focus, release and work on the topics of that month connected to that particular Inner Family member.

Within this month the participant will make notes and sends me the homework notes by the end of this month. I will go through it orally or written and send it back. According to that process we go to the next Inner Family member and the whole process repeats itself again – four times.

We will always start from the Inner Child, then Inner Woman and then Inner Man and the last month will be the Inner Family integration process. This order has shown to be the most effective as it is the dynamics which will be untangling the unconscious ways the Inner Family has operated. If someone will need a different order this will be customized according to the guidance in each particular case.

Possibly all the participants will be part of the closed FB group (only in case we have at least 10 participants) where there is a chance to share your experiences with the topic and adds value to read other peoples stories. This also gives a lovely opportunity to freely support each other and cooperate which can still be a huge challenge for most people.

Experiences have shown that this work is very deep and can equal to several decades of the self development work on the transpersonal level.

Why is this program so effective?

Because this program has developed itself through experience and direct energy guidance from the New Time Energies and is none of the book knowledge. Each experience and session is completely unique and different and super customized according to the personal needs of each participant.

What can this kind of transpersonal journey give to you?

– More clarity in what situation is your Inner Child, Inner Woman and Inner Man in and what needs to change?
– How is the Inner Family situation influencing your outer relationships at the moment?
– What needs to be done in order to heal your Inner Family members and dissolve their non functioning patterns in you?
– How to locate blocking patterns of your Inner Family which block your outside relations at the moment?
– How to interactively include your inner family to your everyday life and how can it enrich your life on every level?
– Gives you ability to reconnect with yourself better and create a more loving and deeper connection with yourself on every level which will influence all the outside relations as well
– Ability to pull in to your life your dream partner(s) and create your dream relation(s)
– Ability to see and experience the processes of other people’s Inner Family and relate with them through that which will help you to create more conscious relations
– Cleanse and clear your masculine and feminine energies and polarities or patterns connected to these
– Turn into a queen or king you are here to be
– Start to create your reality more confidently and more actively than earlier
– Dissolve your feeling of loneliness as you know that you are not alone as you are now connected to your Inner Family forever
– Many more things which are caused by your personal progress, processes or growth during these 4 months


From the 1st of January 2021 the price will be 1000 dollars per month or 4000 dollars for the whole 4 months.

Check it out here:

The Inner Family Therapy Coaching program package includes:

– Ca 30 minute check in and overview call once per month for the 4 consecutive months
– Ca 1 hour of guided journey per month for the 4 months
– Homework guidance for the next month
– You send your homework once per month for a certain date
– You will get my personal oral recording feedback to your homework if you deliver your homework for the assigned date
– Closed group on FB to share your experiences with others on the journey (if there are at least 10 people in the program at the same time)

Bonus materials:
– 3 key questions to change anything in your life
– Guided dolphin meditation                                                                                                – Landing into your Center Meditation                                                                                  – General Inner Family intro guided meditation journey

At the moment there are only 20 spaces left for the next 4 months program in September. If your interest is very serious, pls let me know asap.

All the calls happen through Zoom calls. All the calls will be recorded, sent to you and thereafter you can listen to these according to your abilities or desires.

In case of the interest, please write about it to Thereafter you will get the supporting documentation for the process and we can start your program – usually twice a year in the beginning of the year and in September.


‘Inner deeper work with your Inner Family will awaken your inner transpersonal consciousness in order to keep you more on your consciousness track on every area of your life, adjusting your behavior when you need it so you would feel even more self confident and supported; helping you to stop or rest when you need it, which helps you to heal and build a new and stronger relation with yourself, which will start to influence all of your outer relations and support creating your dream life on your terms.

Simply put this program has a potential to help you to build a completely new foundation to yourself and the rest of your life just within 4 months!’

Check out this video introduction (38:53) here:


Till we adventure in your inner world together,
Crystal Ra with aloha from California


NB! The text of this event and the developed program is created by Crystal Ra Laksmi-Ditton and all the copyright for this belongs to her. It is not allowed to copy this text or idea without her legal consent.