Private Wantra sessions in Puerto Vallarta

WM2014katriniluskylgTreat yourself with luxury!

Special offer for introducing Wantra in a

luxury retreat center by the ocean

Have you worked hard and need to treat your body, mind and spirit with some luxury and relaxation kindness?

 Wantra is a combination of warm water massage, soft stretching, slow moves above and under water, conscious breathing specifically created for your painful joints, muscles and rigidness. It is a good activation for your whole connective tissue system as well your whole body, mind and spirit and helps to harmonize everything and neutralize it as well to get your whole being back into balance. More than one session is advised to get long lasting effect.

Crystal offers:

* Warm Water Wantra floating sessions, which are very relaxing and balancing (can be done in a pool or in the ocean (ocean only summer months in Puerto Vallarta)) You lie down and receive the massage, stretches and water dance

* You can choose an active participative water stretchdance with Crystal’s guidance and learn some new moves which can help you to work on yourself even after the session

* Customized group classes in the warm water (also ocean) available

* One month or longer individual programs available

Ocean sessions are dependent on the weather conditions and waves and currents and hard to predict. Salt water pools are preferred for this kind of work. The water has to be bodywarm (+36C or 96 – 98F).

If you would like to set up a whole month individual program, she can make a program especially for you where she alternates the receiving session and floating combined with self activated moves in the water, which can be good to have in order to continue your private practice between the floating sessions. She has also developed a Wantra session on land. Working both in the water and on land helps to create the balance on all levels and harmonizes your masculine and feminine energies.

You can read more about Wantra here:

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She has many other powerful mind, body, spirit tools, which are pretty new here in the area. Be curious and check it out on her website!

More information: 3221092935 or email crystalexpansion @ or check out more at

She can move around in PV area in order to do the sessions, but mostly based in the north part of the Banderas Bay at the moment.

crystalmermaidsmallwhiteCrystal Ra Laksmi is originally from Estonia, Europe and has worked with groups and individuals for the past 15 years all over the world. Check out her bio by clicking on her name here to find out where and what. She has been an instructor and therapist for many modalities and is now developing her own water modality called Wantra.

She has been active volunteer with various personalities and centers here in the area since June 2013. She is psychic as well very intuitive and sensitive. Her energy reading sessions are also very empowering as you will be empowered as she guides you to find your own truth and where you need to go. She has many other body, mind, spirit sessions to empower you! Check her website for more information!