What services can Crystal Ra offer?

If you need a fresh breeze of air or an outsider perspective to your life and issues, Crystal Ra is a best fit for you!

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“I have thrown off my bowlines metaphorically so many times in my lifetime – when I moved from Estonia to Denmark or Norway or South Africa or Mexico. My life has been anything from safe. It has been meeting the unknown daily and sailing through the highs and lows of life. I have explored from the Grand Canyon to South of Cape Point. I have dreamt big and gone far. I have discovered that my home is where my heart sings and my feet don’t touch the ground. Where I dare to lose my footing continuously and because of that I find myself more one step at the time. In all of that I love to share my adventures via my blog and hope that they do not only inspire, but also invite others to change their lives so that they can also fulfill their dreams and live it.

I am a woman of many skills and talents and I am here to share all of it with you in all of its aspects. Check it out, whether you would love to have a one to one session, online or live or a group session or a course or even an adventure with me! The menu is long and rich, and I hope there is something for everyone! I keep educating myself all over the world and keep my hand on the pulse of what is going on holistically in the world at all times.

I have facilitated groups since 2000 worldwide. Give me a theme or tell me what you are interested in and I can offer you group workshops, playshops, courses, and adventure courses anywhere in the world!

What if you are the Universe and you can choose to be the wind to your sails and dreams?

Please click on the service link and it will open up the long menue of the many services I offer. Pick your choice and let me know!

Lets bring forth the grandest version of you! The world is waiting for all of your gifts and talents to be unfolded!”

With aloha and love,

Crystal Ra;)