Most of the productst are in construction, but so far, pick some of the special offers!

I am a woman of many skills and talents and I am here to share all of it with you in all aspects. Check it out, whether you would love to have a one on one session, online or live, or a group session or a course or even an adventure with me! The menu is long and rich, and I hope there is something for everyone! I keep educating myself all over the world and keep my hand on the pulse of what is going on holistically in the world at all times.

IMGP6528This photo is from an introduction event in Pärnu, Estonia, with 60 people, which took place in June 2012. We sure had fun! Since 2000 I have facilitated groups worldwide. Give me a theme or tell me what you are interested in and I can offer you group workshops, playshops, courses, and adventure courses anywhere in the world!

What if you are the Universe and you can choose to be the wind in your sails and dreams?

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