Matthew’s session


Personal email from Matthew in  September 2012

On the photo is Matthews wife Katrin from Estonia, and on the picture we were in Mexico, in Puerto Vallarta, in March 2012 on their lovely sailing boat Lila.

Hey Crystal,

Where on the earth are you?  I’ve been meaning to give you an update on my progress since the Bars course.  I am so glad I took the class.  It has been one month since you came through NYC.  I guess we didn’t have much time to spend with you, but you seemed to be having a good time.  It’s hard to imagine that I was thinking about going to movies to get out of the house those nights you did the class.

Every morning and every evening I say: ‘what if I choose the life I deserve?’ And it has been.  When I start to feel tension or dis-ease or anger building up, I say the clearing statement a few times and it starts to dissolve. 

I am working again with the solar company that I started with right before going to Mexico last year and it’s going great.  We are doing good projects and I’m making lots of money.  They said they want me to be happy and make plenty of money for my work.  It’s great to do something you enjoy and get paid well too.   The two partners are so busy with the large projects they want me to take over the development of their Brooklyn Brownstone residential clients.  Even with my neighbourhood electrical work people want to pay me more than I ask for. 

Two weeks ago a guy asked me to change out his circuit panel.  I told him $150.  When I got done, he gave me a check for $200. Tomorrow morning I am scheduled to do another circuit panel update and the real estate broker who arranged for me to do it insisted that I get paid $400.  I just finished a project this week for the City University of New York and the Department of Energy installing data monitoring equipment to track solar energy production in the city.  I managed to get 9 systems installed in 9 days.  The project leader from CUNY only expected 4-5. 

Her email this afternoon said “this is amazing.”  But it’s not amazing.  Everyone and everything just came together to make it possible for me to do it because I was open to letting it happen.  I have only been sleeping about 5-6 hours a night, but I still have plenty of energy and feel healthy.  Well, I guess you know what all this feels like.

I listened to the radio program, where they began by discussing limiting beliefs and how we sabotage our success because we are afraid that if good things happen they will go away.  Why try if we will only be disappointed by negative outcomes.  I guess this is something we all know to some extent. 

Then they started talking about the retreat centre they are creating in Latin America and it hit me as a complete, whole insight that I would be involved somehow in developing the energy systems there.  The way they described the place, it sounded very remote.  There are so many innovative technologies coming out recently that being “off the grid” no longer means that you are basically camping out. 

Despite the media reports that say so many negative things about solar, this is a really wonderful time to working in renewable energy.  They also talked about the land “owning” the people and the idea of stewardship.  They sounded like me when I tell clients that these brownstones have been here for more than a hundred years we need to respect them when doing our renovations.  Their idea of responsible development sounded so much like what we have been doing here in Brooklyn for the last 13 years.  It was great to hear them talk about things in that way. 

Everyday I meet more and more people who have an affinity to this awareness.  This energy is out there, but we just need to get folks to move on it, to unlock it.

Will you be passing through NYC soon?  Or is it more likely we will see one another in Mexico this winter?  

From my experience, it is really beneficial to have the energy systems integrated into the overall design plan from the beginning. 

These are amazing times we are living in, so much is possible.  Thanks so much for giving me the class and hope to see you soon, Matthew.


Sailing with Lila

(Southern Cross from 1976)