Eclectic Adventure to Hawaii, BI in 2020


Here is your chance to have

your first Honeymoon with yourself

in the paradise here on Earth, Hawaii, Big Island

Your transformational Hawaiian Journey awaits on: 

Only Customized group (max 12) 

The next adventure is booked from the 24. Nov – 3. Dec in 2020!

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Big Island – the youngest island on Earth                   

An island which embraces 10 climate zones            

The most amazing flora and fauna on Earth                

This is a place where aloha welcomes you to create a fairytale of your dreams!



Your guide and ceremonial master

Crystal Ra Laksmi-Ditton – Eclectic Transformer

Crystal Ra Laksmi-Ditton, founder and international instructor of Wantra is originally from Estonia and is a world traveller by nature. It is her mission to inspire people to create the life of their dreams. Crystal is an inspirational path maker, connecting people from different continents. She believes that her education, together with her collection and study of healing modalities for the past 18 years and her travels around the world, has allowed her to perfect a system of ‘organized tranquility’ to share with others.

Crystal Ra has local connections and a know-how of the places where the usual tourist has no access. Crystal Ra ‘reads’ people individually as well as the group energies and acts accordingly to inspire people to change and become more conscious and leaving the old patterns behind and doing it with joy and fun. Crystal Ra also combines all different kinds of mind, body, and spirit techniques making new patterns according to the group’s desire (additional price for energy healing, Auratransformation™, new time children energy sessions, tantra body sessions, Wantra water therapy, consciousness techniques, clearing of the old patterns, energies and spirits, stretching, etc). She can add on loads of more adventures as the group evolves and opportunities arise.


Your second guide

Michael Ditton – Professional King

From an early age of eight, Michael was an entrepreneur and as he developed his skills over the years he managed various companies and found a true calling in sales leading to his career in real estate investments and small business ownership.

Michael owned and operated five companies and had many  real estate holdings. In 2007 he sold all of his businesses and real estate assets and set sail for the new adventures. After several years in the making Michael launched his book ‘Dreams, Goals and Adventure’ in November 2015.

Michael spent 6 seasons in Alaska working in the tourism industry between guiding and managing multiple companies and over 50 employees. Michael has an opportunity now to put all this in use in cooperation with Crystal Ra.



Crystal Ra has lead these Hawaii retreats both alone and with different cooperation partners since 2009. Now there is a possibility to put together Crystal’s expertise about Hawaii and add Michael’s experiences and knowledge from his life and businesses and co-create many cooperation projects, events and retreats, in order to influence as many people they can to live more of their dreams. 

Your personal Hawaii adventure

This is truly holistic retreat for your body, spirit and mind creating more harmony, balance and abundance. You get practical tools and experiences how to access your inner treasures, as well as your 4 elements and other techniques. These techniques can change your life quality completely and help you to create the life of your dreams.

All of this is weaved together with magical adventures in the powerful Mother Nature of Hawaii – through  the rain forest jungles, lava fields, ocean swims and more – in one of the most potent places on the Planet.

You get in touch with the new you – your new qualities, desires and possibilities. We put your new seeds into the soil so that with time and your new habits you can take care of your new garden and pick some juicy fruits.  _________________________________________________________________________


Waipio Valley

What happens? Shift happens!

This is your time to totally let go and relax, as the group guide(s) will take care of the logistics, practicality and the essence of the flow of events. As we are adventuring on the magical island all kinds of changes may occur which lead the group guide(s) to make decisions or changes accordingly. Softness, being flexible, trust, letting go and going with the flow are virtues on this trip. This is an adventure which can be the most magical fairytale of your lifetime!



Thurston Lava Tube in the National Volcano Park

 During this adventure:

* You can understand that spontaneity gives you more adventures and amazing surprises the island has to offer

* Learn how to create your dream life

* Learn how to create more abundance in all areas of your life

* How to love yourself and others

* Visit the most amazing sacred vortexes in Hawaii

* Enjoy one to one sessions with Crystal Ra or Michael (additional cost)

* Enjoy the flow with the eclectic adventure



Adventure Retreat of 2016

Example program for 10 days program is downloadable here: Hawaii 2018

Updated program for 2020 with the updated dates coming up shortly.

Program has a detailed description about adventures and activities each day. This time the focus is on the elements, but also how to discover and explore yourself more so you can expand yourself and your life more.

Many previous participants have called the trip as a trip of their lifetime or often times – a trip worth of million dollars, as they have made discoveries or got insights which are not very common on other regular tourist trips. This adventure may change your life and give you a completely new direction and quality of life afterwards.

If you would like your life and everything in your life to remain the same, it is obviously not a place and adventure for you as this one can really shake things up so that you can create your new life more according to your terms and dreams.



Hawaii Botanical Gardens

Bonuses and benefits which will be

included with this group adventure:

* You benefit from all the local connections Crystal has made over the years (since 2009). Often times these people can also become your FB friends and real friends in life for the future to come.

* You will save several hundred dollars if not more by sharing costs with a group vs planning trips individually (you save approximately 3840 USD per person).

* Security with a knowledgable guide, who knows the island, many locals  and what precautions to take in the nature or driving around.

* You can clear the blockages of your female and masculine energies and integrate these in you.

* Hawaii history and experience through exploring the ‘Hawaii Pearls’ (powerful energy vortex places of the island) as your personal adventure.


Freediving in the ocean

* Practice how to actively live in consciousness.

* More tools for your mind, spirit, body integration.

* More trust towards yourself and life in general.

* Release your fears if you are ready.

* Unforgettable fairytale adventure where you are the co-creator!

* Examples of the abundant life in theory and practice.


Pic from the internet

* Physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

* Healthy food and movement outside every day.

* Meeting the inner child.

* Activation and integration of 5 senses.

* Setting your priorities in life in order.

* Clearing your intentions and setting new targets for your dreams.

* Becoming a friend with water element, lovely meeting with the ocean and the wild dolphins is a huge possibility.

* Learn to live and enjoy the magic of life!



Hawaiian Orchids


Invest into yourself! 

Early Bird Special $1500 USD Retreat Entrance Fee paid in full by the latest 23. of September 2019 or in 12 payments of $125 USD starting the latest by the 23rd of September 2019.  
Regular full price – Retreat Participation Fee 1700 USD paid in full all at once latest by the 1st of September 2020.

Crystal Ra loves Hawaii from the depth of her heart and is very excited to share that love with all of you coming to visit this paradise here.

Retreat Entrance Fee covers:
  • 1 private guide for 10 days in case of 1- 6 participants
  • 2 guides for 10 days if there are 7 participants or more
  • 1-2 hours group workshop about Hawaiian culture, language and belief systems
  • Ritual master for all the local rituals
  • Space holding for the ‘ohana’ by the 1 guide for the whole 10 days
  • Adventures which are covered by the retreat entrance fee
  • One Wantra group session (weather permitted)
  • Cultural knowledge sharing throughout the whole adventure
  • Learning how to make a Hawaiian lei
  • Learning how to sing at least one Hawaiian chant
  • Release the Past ritual
  • Activate your dreams ritual
  • One ocean swim guiding session
  • Admin, miscellaneous and specified park entrance fees
Based on previous clients travel expenses and shared lodging and car expenses, as well your own food  adds an additional $2000-$2500 + USD per person. Ask for more details about the payments.

* No pocket money or one to one sessions or any add ons included in the estimated total


Beach 69 Meditation

Adventures covered in the retreat participation fee:

Participants need to pay additionally for these adventures if these will be included in the time schedule (depending on the lava activity as well time and resource availability): 

Special Notes

  • All the meals must be paid by each participant individually and the estimated cost is 20 – 40 dollars per meal (it is Hawaii!!!). If you eat 40 dollars per meal each time and use ca 80 dollars per day, you should have around 800 dollars just for food for the 10 days. This calculation does not include your breakfast cost.
  • Breakfasts are usually organized by participants individually (we may have time for couple of these all together). Every day we can go by a grocery shop and everyone can buy something for the morning. We also suggest to use a meal replacement shake or bars for breakfasts, to make it easy for you. You can buy those in Island Natural’s shop in Kona where we go during our first day.
  • Many plans in the program may change due to weather, conditions or unexpected circumstances as the adventure happens on a very dynamic island influenced by all the elements all year around. The organizer has a right to change the program accordingly to offer the best safety for all the participants.
  • Each participant signs a waiver for the adventure as well shows a valid travel insurance before starting the adventure.
  • Our adventures will prefer to support local businesses and cooperation partners as well local produce mainly with occasional visits to main brands if there is no other option available. If you would like to visit some main commercial brands at all times, you have to organize your own transport and use your personal time for this purpose. It is suggested for you to stay a bit longer for that purpose or come a bit earlier. In that case you have to add your own accommodation to the cost and a car as the area does not have good public transport system.
  • Group will have one or two smaller cars or bigger vans according to the group size and the group leader coordinates the logistics of the transportation.
  • The group leader will give information about the suggested overnight places where the whole group can stay together according to our location. Each participant has to consult with Crystal Ra prior booking.
  • Participants are expected to arrive at least 1 day earlier – preferably during afternoon.
  • Group cars will be available one afternoon earlier before the actual Retreat start date.
  • Kona location base is usually Manago hotel and each participant will book their rooms ahead of time. It is possible to cooperate with other group members and share the room in Manago. The location for Hilo or Waimea will be announced later.
  • If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact Crystal Ra personally.

Check out the FB link (coming!) for this retreat and click join if you plan to join. 


Hookena Beach

Special notice – This adventure is a very personalized and customized group set up and considered a deeper adventure retreat. You will connect more with yourself through others within your group, nature’s powerful energy and the animals of Hawaii – the Big Island! We guarantee amazing memories and experiences! This is not your traditional traveling where we sit under palm trees and drink Mai Tais, instead we will be drinking the elixir of life from Hawaii. This group is a non smoking, no drugs or any other illegal substances group. 

In order to benefit fully from what this adventure has to offer we recommend you leave work at home and limit the use of your digital devices throughout the whole trip.

Special interview process will be done with each participant for the admission to the group. This creates a very holistic group where everyone can enjoy the flow of adventures and excitement. 

If you would love to share this info with your friends, feel free to use this beautiful PDF file with them. Download it here (will be added later):

Mahalo and welcome!

Take contact with Crystal Ra here on FB.

If you do not have FB, email to crystalralaksmi @

It is suggested to start your preparations for the trip at least 12 months ahead of time.

Pictures by C.R. Laksmi-Ditton.


Some videos from Hawaii:


Akaka Falls State Park

How to unite the masculine and feminine in you!

Jungle drive in Puna, East Hawaii!

Swimming with the spinner dolphins in Hawaii!

Spinner dolphins about lovemaking!

Freediving in Hawaii, my personal record of 23 meters!

Driving in Kona to the Kealakekua beach!

One of the most powerful video of the lava from Hawaii!

Adventure group from Estonia in January 2012 video

Dolphin Celebration from Hawaii!


Hawaii, Puna Red Road      Moments

    E Komo Mai! Welcome!