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Thank you for contacting me. Feel free to contact me in any way you can. I promise you I have the ability to shift quite a lot in your universe if you allow me. Some people have even called me Crystal Poppins!

My official name is:

Crystal Ra Laksmi-Ditton

Eclectic Transformer
Auratransformation; Water therapy, Wantra, Tantra body work,  Stretch Dance in the Sea Guide; director of surprises; Rebirthing; Huna healing practitioner;  Conscious touch practitioner; Adventure trips guide and retreat leader all over the world; Transformative facilitator; Life artist;  Global Connector, event organizer; Film Maker and editor; Ritual master; Energy reader; Mermaid on land; business woman and developer; Social media manager; Online course consultant; FB page maker; Photographer etc

Skype calls or Google hangouts must be booked up front with a payment through Paypal or credit card prior the session.

Warning: In the event of a missed appointment with less than 24 hours notice – full cost of the treatment will apply!

How much fun can we have to find the most expansive and liberating

tools for you to bring you back home to yourself?

How can your day be more full of magic, adventures and fun?

Let me hear from you!

I am excited to meet you!

If you hesitate, pls check out the testimonial page to

read about other people’s experience with me.

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Ask me personally about my physical location to set up sessions with physical presence. I am also opened to cooperate with people who would love to book me as their on location therapist or a retreat facilitator for a week or longer. Ask me more info about the services I can provide as well the personal customized programs.

At the moment (per 15th of October 2018) I am located on the Big Island of Hawaii.

You can also call me on Skype Crystalralaksmi or Facebook

I am now also an official green card holder in USA and can officially work here.

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