Resetting my 2024

I’ve decided to take a break from my blog, as the past year has been a period of reset and transition for me. In my life, I’ve experienced burnout several times, but this recent episode was more serious than the others.

Discovering that I am a Projector according to Human Design, I realized that I had been overextending my energies and capacities. For nearly two years leading up to last April, I was coaching WILDFIT 90 clients without any breaks, even running groups in two languages simultaneously.

So, for the past year, I’ve been working at a local bookstore and metaphysical shop, assisting with retail duties and offering readings. This transition allowed me to unplug from the demands of coaching and reset completely.

It feels like the energies have aligned with this change, as I haven’t been as active in coaching during this time. Sometimes, we need transitions like these, akin to a season of winter, to reset and reassess everything.

Over the past year, I’ve explored various avenues:

I attempted to organize events with another metaphysical store, and although it started off well, it eventually took a turn for the worse. This is a recurring pattern when I try to collaborate with others. I now realize that it likely occurred because I wasn’t following my Projector energies, which dictate that I should wait for invitations from others, whether personal or professional. Even when I was invited to participate in another local metaphysical endeavor, a similar outcome ensued.

However, the past year has provided me with greater clarity about who I am, who I’m not, and whom I desire to work with. Working in the retail shop made me realize that, despite owning several companies in different countries and still holding a couple, I thrive best as an entrepreneur—being my own boss and having the ability to choose whom I work with. This clarity was much needed.

Delving deeper into my Human Design Projector type has helped me understand more about how my energy functions. Now, I’m resetting everything once more.

This is how we can create more of our dream life on our terms—it’s all about fine-tuning one step at a time.

So, get ready for more articles about Inner Alchemy topics: Holistic Wellness, Body, Mind, Spirit, Mental Wellness, Inner Family Archetypes, Relationships, Crystals, New Time Numerology, Mermaid Divination, Zen Tarot cards, and more. Most of the content I share in the blog is also available on my Facebook feed and occasionally on other social media platforms. I’m starting to duplicate it here as well because of the blackouts which have happened on Facebook and Instagram recently, to ensure that my content remains available on my own page no matter what happens out there.

Additionally, I’ve begun posting one YouTube video a week on various Inner Alchemy topics. I’ll also reset my podcasts, both in Estonian and English. My plan this year is to elevate my coaching to the next level, which will grant me the freedom to make many other changes. This will allow me to help more people and do more of what I love—writing, speaking, and filming again too.

Sometimes, we need these detours to gain clarity about who we are and what we truly desire, and then muster the courage to take the next steps.


I am Crystal Ra Laksmi-Ditton – a Holistic Wellness Coach as well Inner Alchemist and I resides currently in Florida with my amazing Spirit Mate husband and 3 cats. My main purpose is to guide people to heal and reset their Body, Mind and Spirit through different metaphysical tools and alchemy. It is a nice fusion of my own experiences and global studies about healing, wellness and anthropology and more. I have been certified in several world class modalities what is most important to me is to be fully present to my clients and customize the guidance according to their needs.

Here you can find ways to connect with me or dive deeper into what I do. 

Want to get a bit of a taste to go deeper with my guidance already? Check out my complimentary Inner Family Meditation here:

* TED TALK which helps to warm up for Mental Fitness program:  Know your inner Sabotoeurs:

* Bhastrika breathing instruction for your wellness reset start video:

Here is a list of things I offer: 

– Check out the link to the Reinvent Yourself Program here: 

If you would love to book a session with me – email me what are you interested in by email and lets make it happen.

– New Time Numerology (at least 30 min session) 

– Mermaid Divination with shells (at least 30 min session) 

– Tarot reading (15 min minimum)

– Energy Upgrading to New Time Energies (2 hours) 

– Energy Harmonizing (1,5 hours) 

– Breakthrough session – 1 hour

– Discovery session to figure out if we are a good match to work together (complimentary for those who are interested in at least one 90 days or several other premium 1-1 coaching programs. Find time suitable for you here: 

– Customary program depending on your needs

– 90 days Holistic Wellness program (let go of extra weight, learn to eat right and create a new healthy lifestyle for life!) with a possible added How to stop Emotional Eating and Food Addiction program

– 90 days Mental Fitness program to discover your 10 saboteurs and reset your Sage and start to use her 5 powers

– 90 days Relationship Transformation Program – which helps to heal and reset your Inner Child, Inner Woman and Inner Man for the rest of your life and reset all your relationships both personal and professional. 

– Transformation year – included all the three main 90 days programs with an integration month between each one and is a foundational program for the holistic happiness for the rest of your life.

With Aloha,

Crystal Ra

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