Special Offers

honaunauwalk1. You can join for the adventure trips in Hawaii 10 days of magical trips

2. You can buy money magnet number 1 (10 USD pay by paypal)

3. You can recommend me to your friends and family. If you get 10 people within a month, who buy my private online sessions for 100 USD per session, you get 100 USD yourself by the end of that month as 10% of the income.

IMGP3993If you get 20 people, you get 200 usd per month and more according to the number of people you get to me. (Get 100 people and get 1000 usd from me per month!)  As you know the word of mouth is the most amazing possibility to share your personal experience you have had with me.

4. You can contribute to my new Wantra videos in by donating money. Ask me how.

5. You can help me set up the global conference call and get people to join in on topics about wealth, wellbeing, money, relationships, sex, health etc. We can agree on the payment according to the success of the calls.

6. You can become my host in your country and help me to set up wellness courses in your local community and earn money with it and gain amazing experiences and participate on the courses as we agree!

7. You can come up with your ideas and share these with me and see how we can add value to each other’s life.

8. You can become my personal global assistant! The content for that one is in the making! Ask for more if you are really interested!

9. Book 5 skype sessions on topics of your choice (relations, money, career, health etc) for this month with me and paying up front saves you 200 usd, so your final payment will be 800 usd instead of 1000 usd.

Ask more info by emailing to crystalexpansion @ gmail.com

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