Pat Henry’s testimonial

picasamepatoutI met Crystal Ra Laksmi in the Spring of 2012. I knew instantly that she was someone quite special. She has a radiance that permeates whatever she is doing, as well as the space around her. She gave me two Access BarsTm sessions while she was in this area of Mexico.

The first one had an incredible impact on me. At the end, as I stood up, it seemed that I was at least ten pounds lighter. So much that I had been carrying around for most of my life felt clear and lifted. That sensation lasted for a long time and set me on a continuing course of expansion. This experience convinced me to take a course in Access BarsTm work also, though more for working on myself than others.

I believe there is nothing that Crystal Ra cannot accomplish. She brings people and ideas together, she activates those around her to move forward, and she inspires with her personal story and her optimism. Who would not want to follow her to the ends of the earth for an adventure, a spiritual awakening, and to share her wisdom?


Pat Henry has developed Organic StretchingTM modality.