Wantra short group classes with Crystal

Watsu is a wonderful relaxing therapy founded by Harold Dull in U.S.A in the 1980s. The person who comes to receive the session lies down in the water and relaxes. The therapist floats the person softly by holding the body with the hands, stretches and moves softly.

watsumeThe common element for the watsu sessions is the greater sense of unity between different parts of your being, more deeper relaxation and releasing of the stress from your body as well the control.

Watsu session is a one to one session in the warm water with a watsu therapist usually 45 – 60 minutes. You feel you can let go of control, relax and softly get rooted more in your inner being. It helps you to integrate your water element from inside out which will change your life outside of you as well if you choose so. The best benefit is possible after regular sessions, at least once a week for several weeks or more, according to the situation where the person is and what the issues are.
Water Group Sessions – Wantra with Crystal Ra

Crystal Ra Laksmi would love to invite you to the group water session, which has roots in different body, mind, spirit movement modalities from all over the world, including watsu and body aquatic work from Hawaii and others.

Wantra comes from two words (Crystal’s personally developed water modality) – Water and Tantra.  Crystal has developed it for the past 4 years all over the world. Tantra is an ancient science of how to unite the spirit and the  body, which in its natural environment as the water contributes to the unity with more ease. The main focus is also how to bring back the true closeness we have with ourselves and thereafter to beam it out to others – to arrive to our true home inside of ourselves!

With the wantra group, we can do many more things which we can not do in one to one sessions. 3 months were group sessions done in the warm salty ocean in La Cruz, Mexico with many  successful stories, now continuing in the different warm pools of the world!

Wantra is one of the places where the heart and mind unites as well the body and everyone welcomes you to guide you back to you. These short sessions (1hr – 3 hrs) help to tune you in to you and bring forth new small changes.

grouplaughingfuncrystalralaksmiPls join us for the fun water group sessions 
After that possible 1-1 session with Crystal
Welcome and pls share with everyone you know! 
Benefits of the water group session: 

– Activates your body inside out
– Helps to relax to the core
– Activates your inner dolphin and playfulness
– Moves your body softly while taking care of it
– You get more relaxed by the group support
– You can learn some wonderful self help tools
– Become a wonderful friend to your body, mind, spirit
– Awaken your inner mermaid or merman
– Inspires you to become more spontaneous in life
– Integrates the water element inside out!
– Always surprises and new moves

You can read more what the group sessions are like:
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Crystal Ra Laksmi

Transformation catalyst – international mind, body, spirit guide.