Natalie Hanlon after the WantraTM course

WM2014grouphugI can not wait to study with you more! I had a chance to practice Wantra on my friends yesterday when we stumbled on some hotsprings up north. You would love it… My overall experience on land since our time at the Wantra course has been very healing. My creativity was sparked, I am connecting deeper to new and old friends, and I find a nice flow to my day to day. I love when you say that creator has way bigger plans than we could ever think of.
I would have loved more time with you to learn a few more different techniques. I have been sharing this gift with everyone I know because I truly feel this could shift the world, at least I know I want the people in my circle to feel this flow. I will continue to study and recommend you Crystal, youre amazing and I love that you Live your passion and inspire others so deeply!

Here is Natalie’s little video testimonial after the joint release session during the WantraTM course in Sayulita, Mexico in March 2014.