StretchDance in the Sea in West Mexico

Something NEW! stretchDance in the sea sidestretch

StretchDance in the sea with Crystal

Inspired by many different worldwide transformative body,mind, spirit techniques

_________________________________________________________________________Only custom designed groups in the ocean

Available only during the ‘off season’ in Mexico from June to October

* Relax your body to the depth

* Find your inner dance and bring it out to the external

* Be healed by the salty caressing ocean water

* Find the inner treasures which may change your life

* Ask where your body wants to go

* Meet the unknown inside of you

* Have fun with you and others in the ocean

* Start your day refreshed

* Explore you and your body

* Connect with the water in a new way

* Connect with the nature

* Balance and integrate your 4 elements

* Learn some self help tools

* Become relaxed to your core

Good price for the monthly pass. Ask for drop in prices. One to one sessions in the ocean available on demand as well as other life transformative sessions. Ask for more info or sign up or show up on the dates and times shown above. Ask for more information newflowinfo @  Mexican Cell nr for bookings +(521)  3221351607

Welcome! Aloha!

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