Customized Wantra One Day Course for groups


Embrace the true you in body, spirit and mind

in the warm water


What is Wantra®?

* Water + Tantra (expansion + liberation) = Wantra®crystal ra laksmi with laurie

* Learning to receive, relax and alkalize your body

* Let go of control and trust the unknown and slow down

* Activates and transforms your body, mind and spirit

* Breathing, soft sounds and slow conscious witnessed movements

13starhandsBenefits of Wantra® are:

  • Reprogram your body, mind and spirit to work for you the way you choose
  • Tools to work individually, in pairs or in groups after the course
  • Deep joint and connective tissue and pain healing to create sustainable health
  • Relax yourself and learn how to relax others
  • Tools to find your inner and outer balance
  • How deep relaxation can give you everything in life
  • Transforms your fears into courageinlakesh crystal ra laksmi
  • You get more connected to your inner child with laughter and joy
  • Accesses your intuition
  • Transforms your body traumas into bliss
  • Creative stretching in the warm pool which can take you to places your body has never been to before
  • Many participants say that they feel that the main benefit they get from these courses is the relaxation. They have never had such a deep relaxation before. Secondly they say that they feel very much like it is a rebirth and everything changes after that into a new and better life.
  • Masud after the Wantra water session from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is here
  • Lila after the Stretchdance in the Sea, in La Cruz, Mexico is here
  • Peta’s feedback after the Stretchdance in the Sea, La Cruz, Mexico is here
  • IMG_0838_2Crystal Ra Laksmi-Ditton is an internationally recognized healing therapist who has worked in Norway, Estonia, Hawaii, Chicago, New York, Costa Rica, Mexico, England and other countries. Crystal blends many mind-body-spirit transformation tools into a truly unique experience.  Your full day of bliss consists of individual moves where you will move your own body according to Crystal’s guidance plus do partner work and group work. Each movement type is designed to bring an ever-increasing sense of relaxation, inner peace, and whole-body healing. Much of the class will be improvisational as Crystal tunes in to the specific needs of the participants.

  • watsupoolREGISTRATION

  • Total course fee depends on a length of the course as well in which pool it is done. If done in a foreign country must be paid up front at least 2 -3 months by paypal or credit card payment online and this case the payment is nonrefundable. Minimum number of participants is 12 people. This course is a basic intro level course necessary for the Wantra® Water Guide’s training (going to be called Wantra Water Guide Training WWGT).

  • If you would love to help her to organize such a course, contact her personally! If you would love Crystal to organize a Wantra group in another place where she is not located physically at that moment, you have to add to the price also the pool rental, travel expenses, accommodation and food price to her  basic course price.
  • Please contact Crystal for more details

  • Web:

  • Before attending the course, please check out the pool agreements here pool agreements
  • Please bring your snacks, your water, your swimsuit and your towels. If you have, please bring nose clips, floats, snorkel and mask. If you do not, it is okay too.

WM2014grouphugIf you bring 3 friends, you get 10% off your price!

You deserve the relaxation and bliss! Crystal is so excited to co-create this beautiful adventure with you! 

Good bye from a free diving video from Hawaii 

Choose the location for your group Wantra sessions (West-Mexico, Hawaii or other places where there are hot ponds or hot pools)