Crystal Poppins


Crystal Poppins can pop up in your life if you hire her and give you ideas, inspiration and tools to change your life completely into the life of your dreams in every area of your life! Read more about the story of how I got there and how it works practically!

Read the story of How Crystal Poppins was born here.

Who is Crystal Poppins?

Crystal Poppins is like Mary Poppins, but so much more as Crystal Poppins is an updated version for the times we live in. She may pop up in your life and bring with some huge transformations, chaos, order and magic. Are you ready?

I can live with the people who hire me, guide them what to do or ask them questions so they know what to do, and if they do it, they get value, money and possibilities from it! This is my gift and talent and it can earn me money! Somehow it is in my energy I guess, or maybe in the name? Laksmi is the goddess of abundance. Who would not like to have her around?

So from now on, if you need someone from the outside world to come in to your life to help you to CHANGE once a week, or once a month or a year, you can invite me over. You can check my schedule where I am going to be in the world and book me in. You can book me for a day, a week, a month or longer. You will lodge me, give me my private room, with a bed, shower and a table, internet and food, and in addition you pay me for my knowledge.

Take personally contact me through the contact form and lets schedule a meeting! With Crystal not only good ideas may pop up, but so much more!

Crystal’s competence:

* Anthropology – how to act and communicate in different cultures

* Conflict resolution – I know what is usually the main reason for conflicts. If you check this out, you will dissolve it all!

* Kind communication – how to communicate kindly with anyone in your life?

* How to date? What are the secrets to get a woman or a man for a night, for a day or a lifetime?

* Keys and secrets for sustainable relationships!

* Tantric knowledge from ABC to advanced rituals (need to be physically there and guide you)

* Your private personal Adventure guide (Hawaii, Mexico, Norway, Estonia or you tell me) * How to attract more abundance into your life?

* How to find out what is your mission in this life?

* How to use your talents to the fullest?

* Water therapy sessions in the hot water

* Sessions for healing sexual problems

* Problems with relationships

* Work and motivation

* Location and environment

* Clearing the house and living environment

* How to be more you, connected to your potency!

* Holistic business advisor

* Transforming body processes daily

* You learn how to kiss the unknown

* You learn how to flow in life

* You learn how to integrate the 4 elements inside and out!

And much more – this is just the tip of the iceberg!!! I am very open-minded and fun to be with, to change with, to grow with and to adventure with. I live very much outside the box, so if you want to stay in your box or in your status quo, please do not invite me!

You can have me be your personal tantra teacher, your personal watsu therapist, holistic business advisor, or money coach. Whatever is not working in your life, let me know, and we can change it. My toolbox is full!


I am happy to cooperate with people who are willing to change and to take real steps towards that. If you choose to cooperate with me, you have to commit to the change. If not, you will not get the results you hoped for. Nothing is guaranteed, but the laws work like magic, if you do not resist! The time frame is all negotiable.


Every single client who is interested in having me in your house and in your life for a longer period, I need you to send me your criminal record as well as some references. Before we seal a deal, we sign a very detailed contract and a personal waiver as well. Let this experience be full of trust, safety, abundance, fun, joy and honesty!

After the contract term is completed, you have to let me go. You can not marry me, but you can recommend me to your friends!

In case of interest, contact me through my contact form on my web page!


Crystal Poppins Having fun in Hawaii