picasadiveplainalohaThe background story to Wantra?

It is a new water modality developed by Crystal Ra Laksmi (Estonia) since 2009. Crystal travelled to Hawaii in 2009 where she took the first water body aquatic course above and under the water. In addition she did a professional free divers class in Hawaii, which gave a new depth of knowledge about breathing and underwater world from a new angle and gave her the first free diver’s licence.  

Thereafter she lost her fear of depth in the ocean and learned to act and flow in the water and in life like a true mermaid. 

hawaiigroupPrior to the course she was all tight up, a real masculine woman, not in touch with her feminine, a total control freak, but after the course things changed drastically. She worked as a tour guide in Hawaii for 4 years in a row and within that time she started to see many miracles after the bodywork in the water or in the ocean while swimming with the wild dolphins in herself and her clients.

Step by step the idea of her own modality rose the head and formed itself. When several cases were documented, where people came with fear of water, or did not know how to swim or had bad experience with the water, which brought drastic and fast changes, she started to gather the pieces.

stretchDance in the sea sidestretchDuring the summer of 2013 she spent some time in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta, where she developed tantra further, adding some moves and principles from her inspired teacher Pat Henry in Organic Stretching™ what Crystal Ra Laksmi then called StretchDance in the Sea. The classes were held twice a week and were a huge success for 3 months in the body temperature ocean water. People’s bodies changed, lives changed and many things were pushed into the transformation.

What is Wantra?

Wantra is put together from two words: ‘Wa-ter’ and ‘ta-ntra’. Tantra means liberation and expansion and add to it the fluid qualities of the water and you get an unique combination of healing and transformation.  

Crystal worked as an assistant for 3 different tantra teachers for 2,5 years. During these times she observed, took notes and started to get an idea to put some of it into the water. The results were amazing and beyond words.

downstretchWe can do Wantra both on land and also in the water. Crystal prefers the water sessions, even though the combination of a land and water session would be the best balance. Water is an amazing element. Without it – life on Earth would not exist. It is one of the core elements, which we need to function. Water is an amazing element as it creates support and resistance which is a good platform for the work with the bodies.

Over the years Crystal also discovered after importing 4 world class healing modalities to Estonia that we have to work with people holistically – including the body, the mind and the energy and spirit to get ultimate results. As our bodies contain 70 – 90 % of water it is wise to work in the warm water. In the warm water we can relax completely, let go of gravity and learn to receive and trust.

Why does the world need Wantra™?

13handsdanceMost of the world’s population functions in the hamster wheel. While we grow up we are told that in order to have a successful and a happy life, we need to get the education, then start to work and pay our bills. We are lucky if that what we have chosen to work with is close to something we love. If we do something against our will or do not love it, we create immediate resistance in our whole body. If we do not take care of our bodies, minds and energies, it will slowly start to build up into huge junks of tension in our bodies, eventually turning into a health problem or a disease.

jointreleaseThere are so many people now in the world who use around 50 – 60 years of their lifetime to kill their bodies slowly, whether with food, unhealthy habits or toxins or bad relationships etc. After that they use around 20 years to restore their body. Wantra would be a tool for all age groups and gender to start to take good and conscious care of your body from the early age, so that we can create a sustainable healthy life which helps us to maintain our good health from the early age, so that it can build a strong healthy platform for the future.

breathWantra is for you, who you:

– If you have water issues – fear of water, fear of putting your head in the water, drowning experience – so to say you are not a friend with the water then Wantra™ can be your tool.

– If you do not know how to swim. Crystal has developed a very nice set of moves and steps which will inspire you to swim and remember your inner mermaid or merman.

– If you have body injuries. Working in the body temperature water will help you to relax and release your joints, muscles and the rest of your body and organs. Every move is done consciously and with full support or resistance.

1wantrabebe5– If you have joint problems. You get set of moves and principles which help you to release the tension and stuckness in your joints. The best combination would be the one to one sessions with group sessions.

– If you have emotional issues and have difficulties to let go. Warm water melts your emotional ice cubes and you create more flow inside, which will influence all the fields of your life.


If your water element (the feminine, flow and trust, softness) is stuck in your life, Wantra contributes to unlocking it from the core to the surface.

– If you are stressed and have difficulties to sleep, to relax.

If you are generally stuck in your life and do not know what to do/be next, the wantra sessions (group and one to one sessions) combined can contribute for your new beginning

– If you are a very masculine woman, you will learn different techniques how to get in touch with your feminine and integrate it inside out

2wantraPEoceanview– If you would love to create more harmony and wellbeing for your whole body, mind spirit

– If you would love to get connected to your heart and start to act from it

– If you would love to learn to trust life and flow more according to your intuition

– If you are a workaholic and do not know how to take your time of and so much more.

Here is the first official introduction video to WantraTM

crystalmermaidsmallwhiteCrystal Ra is happy to guide you back into your true nature of the aquatic being who you are and get more relaxed and become a true friend with the water. If you do not know how to swim or have bad experiences with the water previously, these can be also addressed in the Wantra sessions.

Wantra is an infusion of ‘water’ and ‘tantra’ bringing forth more expansion, liberation and healing for the body, mind and spirit.

Crystal Ra is a world traveller by nature. It is her mission to inspire people to create the life of their dreams. She believes that her education, together with her collection and study of healing modalities for the past 15 years and her travels around the world, has allowed her to perfect a system of ‘organised tranquility’ to share with others.

In case of interest, please take contact with her in person through the website contact page if you would love to have a session, host a course (need a warm pool) or have some other ideas how to bring this to the world – sooner than later!

Video testimonials say more than 1 picture! Check these out!

Testimonial Video from the ‘Stretchdance Classes in the Sea’ with Lila in La Cruz, Mexico in September 2013.

Testimonial Video from the ‘Stretchdance Classes in the Sea’ with Peta in La Cruz, Mexico in August 2013.

Testimonials Video after 1 day Wantra course in Sayulita, Mexico in March 2014.

Testimonial Video from a multimillionaire Masud in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in January 2014.

Testimonial Video from Rita, who did her first step going through the water fear in La Cruz, Mexico in May 2014.

Testimonial Video from Aaron in Sayulita, Mexico in May 2014.

Testimonial Video from John in Bucerias, Mexico in March 2014.

Testimonial Video from Katrin in Sayulita, Mexico in March 2014.

Joint release video clip from the Wantra course in Sayulita, Mexico in March 2014.