What clients say?

‘After my first Access Bars session I felt much more with ease with my self and the world around me. I could notice that things were flowing much more with ease and that I did not have to push anything. I became more conscious of my own patterns of stopping myself to be more of me. I have now taken the Access Bars class as well and offer the sessions to my friends and family and see in front of my eyes how their lives transform and it gives me so much joy! I recommend all these techniques what Crystal offers warmly, as these are very transformational and changes happen fast!’ Laura (42), executive, Tallinn, Estonia


‘ I enjoyed working with Crystal as she has the soft and conscious presence to intuitively pick up the problems and mindmap the ways how to approach and solve issues. I did several sessions with her from different healing modalities and I must say that I agree with her that in order to create more balance and harmony in a sustainable way, one needs the body, mind, spirit approach. Working with Crystal has been fun and joyful. She also gave me some homework to work on my own and I loved that I also got some additional tools to work on these processes individually. Seems to me also that all the modalities she uses have very quick response and are in a way a shortcut to one’s bliss and harmony. If you would love to have broadband with yourself, she is the person to guide you!’ Antonio (37) Business Advisor, London, United Kingdom


‘I had years of pain and problems with my joints. I did not know where to go to get help. A friend of mine had just got a water therapy session with Crystal, so I thought to give it a try. We did 10 sessions and I must say that this was the most amazing water adventure I have ever had. Not only felt I like a baby in a body warm water, but also like a well taken care of adult, who got to dissolve not only the emotional issues, but also the joint problems. I also got some advice what to do to keep it up later on, which is quite unusual for many therapists. Crystal was very gentle and intuitive in the water, which gave me more trust to life and myself as well. I feel well integrated with myself and my water element now. I recommend her from my heart to everyone!’ Trine (40), Oslo, Norway


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