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The Day I Met Myself

My AuraTransformation with Crystal Ra Laksmi

(September 2008)

I have always had a deep awareness of spirituality; the interconnectedness of all things and the expansive universal love. Although I have always believed in unlimited potential, I have spent most of my former incarnation on this earth plane denying this very fact. I chose to block my life flow with illusory thoughts. I allowed myself to be influenced by lower energies. I didn’t pay attention to myself. I was always over analytical.

Whilst I always felt I was expanding my consciousness – albeit at a slow pace – every time the universe presented me with abundance, I felt I did not deserve it, and therefore did not accept it. I found epiphanies through my creative expression. Moments of blissful wonder and presence… though these moments were nanoseconds in a sea of illusions, rather than being in a full, consciously present and flowing state.

I always knew in my core essence that I am a divine, highly creative and healing entity, imbued with universal expression. The only thing was that I didn’t love myself totally. I had amazing life opportunities and wasn’t in a conscious enough state of being to realise that I deserved to receive and experience them. I had “lack of” illusions. Over time I gradually began to let go of unwanted energies and draining people. I always felt blessed that my higher selves, the angels and the divine universe were always on hand to help whenever I asked for it.

A few years ago I began working with the natural law of abundance. It worked instantly. The universe gave me an abundance of money. I stopped smoking cigarettes after many earth years, yet I kept slipping and sliding back into illusions. Absurd thoughts of fear kept recurring. I didn’t know or make conscious efforts to move on from the old time energy pull. I kept affirming, channelling, meditating, creating… but little seemed to manifest for me. I was replacing my natural vitality with alcohol, cannabis and marijuana. I felt I was connecting on a shamanic, creative level… but it was actually limiting my potentiality.

I received an email on New Year’s Day 2008 from my spirit friend, whom I met two years earlier through the magic of the Internet. At first I didn’t recognise her new name of Crystal Ra Laksmi. The message was one of love, connection and a celebration of universal abundance. Most of all, it conveyed a message of a new type of conscious flow and trust in oneself and the universe that I had not paid attention to before.

I was totally immersed in writing a book on jazz record covers at the time. I had initially been given a couple of months to do the project, though this quickly turned into a couple of weeks. It was intense and difficult. I didn’t reply to Crystal Ra for a month. Then, at the end of January, I sent her a belated greeting. She responded quickly. She was on a 5 Star touring holiday of Australia and New Zealand. Wow! She was also involved in aura transformation and sent me her website links.

Wait a minute! It seemed like such a short time ago that Crystal Ra was weaving through so many energies in South Africa, trying to create a balance and complete her Masters documentary project. Now, as if by magic, she was on a luxury tour Down Under. Whilst I was genuinely happy for her, I was nonetheless intrigued by this. What exactly had happened? The communication paused again.

In July I received another contact. It was an invitation to come to Tallinn to work with Crystal Ra to create a Jam Happening. I booked and came. Only later did I realise this was the third or fourth invitation I had received from her, and had never acted upon the previous invites. So, I arrived at Tallinn with an open mind. I saw my close friend Crystal Ra at the airport and was suddenly hit by her strong stance and presence. This was the first time we had physically met after two years of higher communication, Skype and email correspondence.

The adventures that followed over the next week could fill a book. For me, it was a spiritual boot camp of the most loving kind. In fact, a documentary, movie, album, exhibition, website, happening, spiritual disco is already in the making.

So, for the moment I’ll just focus on the actual transformation process itself. At this point I would like to add that, prior to my arrival, Crystal Ra had kindly sent me an English version copy of Anni Sennov’s book Crystal Children, Indigo Children & Adults of the Future. So, this gave me some background insight into the overall meaning of aura transformation and the new time energies. I realised that I already felt and understood some of the energies featured therein. That said, I commenced with the transformation with an open mind.

As I lay on the transformation couch, Crystal Ra put me into a relaxed state and began the process. Whilst, feeling totally at ease and comfortable I also noticed that I was feeling very present and aware. Funny enough, now that I am trying to recollect the transformation as a sequence of events, it all feels a bit blurred and difficult to clearly translate into the written word. It felt like a consultation, discussion and series of breathing exercises focusing on my awareness of my presence of being and conscious state. This in itself felt new because I was communicating and welcoming a new me into me.

With my eyes closed for the most part I began to see ethereal colours and new dimensions opening up. Occasionally, Crystal Ra explained what was happening by showing me graphic pictures of the old aura and the new. This was interspersed with deep relaxation. At certain points Crystal Ra began using her wonderful gift of divine sight and intuition to explain my overall current state of being, i.e. where I was in life, how I was living my life and what was going to happen. This felt quite unique.

All of a sudden, I started to feel my body make movements like involuntary reflexes. I felt connected, plugged in and a sense of euphoria started to envelop me. My body started to feel weightless. At one point I felt like I was going to fly up into the air like a helium filled balloon. Then I realised that Crystal Ra was holding, and had been holding my feet quite firmly in a grounding connection. I began to feel clarity and cleansing on a cellular level.

Crystal Ra explained that my new spirit/body integration was happening and that my body had already started the cleansing process. She went on to describe a range of physical symptoms and life challenges that would likely occur as part of this natural cleansing and detoxification process from old time energies on an holistic level. This became clearer when Crystal Ra asked me to address my current life situation and environment. It was a conscious reminder of many things that I was already aware of, though was not dealing with on a conscious, flowing level.

In the end I felt as though my entire being had fragmented and reconstituted into a new form. I felt I had said goodbye to an old incarnation. I had finally dissolved all karmic energy in an instant. I felt oxygenated and consciously prepared to go forth into my newly balanced and expanding life. It has only been a few weeks since my transformation, and I already have a new focus. I am actively living my life. I am aligning with my true mission and bliss on this wonderful earth plane. I continue to cleanse, balance and flow. And so the adventures continue. give my deepest gratitude and unconditional love to Crystal Ra. Thank you for your divine and loving connection. Thank you for your presence and motivation. You are an inspiration to all human spirits.

Chris (34) International Jazz DJ

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