Crystal Poppins experience in London

Testimony after 2,5 months living with Crystal Poppins 

* I became much more aware of being in my body (Tantra)

* I became a better lover or at least someone who can open up more and not be so goal-orientated

* I became more aware of the beauty/need to live in the moment or at least value each moment

* I became more aware of how limited my life is and have begun to feel the impetus to kick myself up the bum and start to “kiss the unknown” – kissing it means ENJOYING or being open to enjoying NEW experiences

* I learnt how much I feared women who were genuinely strong, and how much I have been used to weak women or even unconsciously de-stabilising them in order that they might become weak so that I would be able to care for them…. and this has also been a convenient way of avoiding dealing with my own issues

* I have learnt that it is far better not to push or force things, to love what is (a la Byron Katie) and to try to maintain a “flow.”

* I learnt that people have a whole host of beliefs and practices around relationships and that one must let one be, on that level, NOT that that means one can actually be with another, whose views are so different.

* Crystal was full of acceptance and gratitude – able to receive what was on offer and able to be genuinely grateful.

* I learnt to be a better listener and (and am still learning) to simply “hold space” for the Other

* Nothing is certain. Each moment is new and, if we are open enough, then this means that each second of life is a brand new time for self-expression, clarity, focus, love… and possibly a timeless experience: the everlasting/ever-present NOW!

So thank you, dear Crystal, for all these lessons I am beginning to assimilate.  I wish you well, truly. You contributed to me to give myself back to me.  I now get on with the rest of what I have, with love and joy – my birthright.

Dan (57) tutor, musician, North London