Abundance in Action Podcast’s background

Crystal Ra has done interviews since 1994 where her first two experiments happened on two radio stations – Nõmme Radio and Kuma Radio in Estonia where she led her own talk show called Elu Lained – (Waves of Life).

The purpose of the show was to bring very exciting people on to the program and show that among the “regular or ordinary people” there are so many exciting people that are not celebrities and their stories are powerful and worth being shared. Sometimes this encourages people to take action as they connect with that person and believe that if those people did it – they can do it as well.

Studying angel therapy with Daniela Leigh in Cape Town, South Africa in 2005.

Between 2002 – 2007 Crystal Ra studied anthropology in Norway and South Africa which helped her to dive deeper into the world of interviews from a qualitative approach with anthropology mindset.

Some of these interviews were used in her academic Master Thesis as part of her documentary from South Africa – Broadband to Heaven which was completed in 2007.

Writing has been one of Crystal Ra’s most favorite activities since she was a small girl. Her first attempts were published in the local youth newspapers in Estonia. Later more articles were published in magazines and newspapers as a freelancer.

Since 2013 Crystal Ra started a new blog and a new interview series where she interviewed 20 people from different countries of the world. Some were recorded as video interviews. These became part of her VIP and Master clubs’ online program and are still active to this day. These programs provide participants inspiration along with additional materials which help them to dive deeper into the human experience and become better people.

Last spring Crystal Ra started collecting stories about Hawaiian culture on her YouTube channel Aloha Fairytales. Crystal Ra has had the honor to performed in bigger events and as a speaker or Podcast guest on several occasions. Crystal Ra is also well known as a host for her special questions and inviting people to deep-dive into themselves through these Podcast and other experiences.

Michael with his passion for speaking and sharing his story took many workshops to improve his skills. With these skills he has done several movie rolls, voiceover commercials and is often times so naturally invited to be a MC for LIVE events. He loves to speak in front of people and does it with the most ease. He makes everyone feel safe and welcomed and shares his adventures and stories. He also has a very good voice.

The idea for our Podcast has been up in the air since 2016 and as of January 2020 we took the first real steps to move our program forward. On the 11th of May Crystal’s Estonian episode was published in cooperation with Indrek Põldvee and Hakkame Tegutsema Podcast which is one of the most popular Podcasts in Estonia and listened to more than 250 000 times! With only 3 shared episodes, the numbers reached over 3000 downloads. On the 1st of July Crystal Ra launched Aarete Seiklused Podcast with Crystal Ra in Estonian and by mid-July we launched our Abundance in Action Podcast our English version.

What is the purpose with the Abundance in Action Podcast?

We believe that each one of us has many treasures hidden inside – most of them also connected to our Life Mission and once we activate it along with other things connected to the Abundance Wheel – like relationships, health, sexuality – then Holistic Abundance happens naturally. But in order for this to happen, action must be taken. When we talk about Abundance, we mean not only money – we mean all the categories mentioned connected to the Abundance Wheel – but there are countless others. Blue skies, sunshine, family, friends, love, joy, happiness…

We believe that we have all come to this planet to be the Ambassadors of Abundance and only by taking action we can make our ideas or dreams happen. We believe that we all sit on the treasure box given to each one of us with our birth but so few of us are willing to open it, look inside and take action so that the Abundance from the invisible can manifest into this world and help to make this planet a better place to be and thrive in this human existence.

Our biggest mission and vision with this Podcast is that it will guide you to find your “heart path”, to live your dreams on your terms while your Abundance is in full Action and while doing so, invite others along the journey. We believe that in co-creation we can amplify and multiply our personal treasures along with the global ones.

Some of our Podcast guests will be people who had impossible dreams or ideas and made them happen. Some will have been brought up in harsh environments and conditions but still managed to create a life of their dreams. Some will have gone through many adversities and challenges in life and turned it all into lessons to fuel their dreams and make the impossible, possible.

In the New Area of the Golden Planet we believe that people are more aligned into cooperation and global acceleration. This is why we are here. We would love to become your personal message and story, broadcasters and amplifiers!

We believe that this Podcast can become the Ambassador for Abundance in Action and multiply and amplify everyone who is part of this co-creation whether a guest, a listener or an audience in any of the forms.

Crystal Ra & Michael would not have found each other if we had not taken action in times where we felt most desperate and broken. In fact, that was the very thing which brought us together in Mexico – a girl from Estonia and a boy from California. Magic will happen once we have the courage to take action even if we cannot always tell where it will take us.

Kissing San Diego style;)

Today we are happily married living in San Diego, California and co-create on many levels. We share our gifts, talents and knowledge with the world, to inspire and motivate people to live their dreams and invite them to activate their Abundance in Action! It has definitely completely changed our lives and we know it has the same potential to each person who shows up to our co-creation with this Podcast – does not matter in what role.

We will host some shows together and some separately. This way you can experience the best of the both worlds – the divine masculine and divine feminine working its magic through us and our guests and listeners as well viewers.

The main topics or focus we have are, Holistic Abundance, Dreamers and Doers, Inner Discoveries and Insights, Spirituality, Divine Entrepreneurship, Balance, Happiness, Dreams and Success, New Time Relationships, Wellbeing, Sexuality, Health and more.

If you have more questions – email us to abundanceinactionpodcast@gmail.com

Aloha 😉 

May Aloha always be with you <3

Crystal Ra & Michael

San Diego, California