Crystal’s summer calendar 2015

crystalsittingsmallerThis summer Crystal will travel through many places. Check it out and sign up to see her at her workshop or book a private coaching or water session with her. For the water, she needs a specific pool. Ask her about details!


3rd of June – Volunteer project with kids in La Joya community in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Mexico

8th of June23rd of June mostly in Oxnard, Ventura, California area

Book Private sessions with her during that time in the area! Check out the services here. Book your session here

20th of June Access Bars in Los Angeles area 

24th of June2nd of July New York

Book Private sessions with her during that time in the area here!

26th & 27th of June Relating in the new time – Workshop with Dina Vitantonio and Crystal Ra Laksmi

28th of June Access Bars NYC FF

July in Estonia 

Different events all over Estonia

8th of July – 13th of July – Private sessions in Tallinn in English, Norwegian and Estonian, book here.

8th of July – Kickstart your abundance Event in Tallinn (in Estonian)

11th of July Access Bars in Estonian and in English

14th of July Kissing the unknown event in Tartu (in Estonian)

14 – 15th of July Tartu – Private sessions in Tartu in English, Norwegian and Estonian, book here.

16th of July – Kissing the Unknown Event in Viljandi

16 – 17 July – Private sessions in Viljandi

18th of July – Yoga Festival in Haapsalu at 6 pm presentation to Relation Yoga

21 of July – Kissing the Unknown Event in Pärnu

21 – 23rd of July – Private sessions in Pärnu in English, Norwegian and Estonian, book here.

wantra group aloha24 – 26th of July –  Summer Retreat in Matsalu with the first official Wantra launch in Europe (English and Estonian)

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1st of August Access Bars in Tallinn

Private sessions throughout Estonia the whole month of July and August, book here.

Additional events with Katrin Haiba and Matthew Myshkin from New York in the end of August in Estonia.

aacrystalheadIf you have any questions or ideas, pls contact Crystal in person here:

I would be really interested to meet you and also introduce you the opportunity to try the latest new time technology project where I am getting more involved with. I am getting myself the quantum resets right now, and it has brought along a huge shift in my consciousness, life and being. These quantum resets can also heal many very hard diseases. Right now it is only available in Mexico, but we are working to get together a wonderful team and open up many more possibilities all around the world. Ask me more here