ISWG – 8 Keys how to find time to write

timeswehadTime has always been like a mystery person for me. Sometimes my best friend and sometimes also my enemy. 

I just recently had a meeting with two famous Estonian writers – Heli Künnapas and Kati Saara Vatmann. They have children and so many other projects going on. One of them has also a farm and animals and many other obligations. They have their set of writing time every day. One wakes up at 5 am to write before everyone else gets up.


Wow. I have never been a very good morning person and my writing gets really turned on during the night time. But I have had quite a journey to figure out how to find time for writing as it is one of my main sectors in my life mission on this planet.

I share my keys to find the time to write I use.
1. Choose a project with accountability partners
In order for me to train my way into the writing I started my blog 3,5 years ago. I started to write every day at first. I managed to keep this up for 2 months. It took me so much time that I could not have time to do many other things I needed to do as my blog posts were usually around 1500 words long as well consisted of photos, which I took and edited for hours at times.
I could see that it really helped to create a very active followers club, but it was too much to follow up myself. I decided to modify and do it for once a week. First only in Estonian, later also in English. I put it up on Sunday evenings, which meant that many times weekends meant work for me and preparations for the blogging.
In the beginning I was really pushing it to the last minute. But what happened was that I really trained my muscle to write almost on demand as well to write when I needed to and take my time no matter what. Now I can write whenever I need to. So it really worked. 
2. It is important to adjust along the way
In the beginning of this year I felt that I could not keep up with my writing – doing blogs every week in English and Estonian. It took me 5-10 hours at times to finish it.  It turned into an obligation and took all the passion and inspiration away. So I decided to modify again. So I started to do one longer interview in a month and then one regular blog post per month. That really helped.  To find the time to write the blog while you are travelling and working is at times challenging, but what really helps is to schedule it in to my time schedule regularly.
3. Goal setting tools from Michael
What also helped me hugely was to use Michael Ditton’s goalsettingbasic system. I started to use the time planning, by filling my daily choices into the daily planning sheet. Then I played with this for quite a time. Sometimes it just worked to have it all on the paper and as the time went by I put them into the list as hours went by. Writing was part of the list almost every day. By the end of the day I wrote down the list of stuff which I managed to get done during that day. It made me feel very good. Then I also wrote down the list of what was well in my life as well what I was thankful for. That included also being thankful for my body, mind and spirit as well for the time in my hands. 
4. The problem of having too much time 
As I own my own business, I have a lot of time in my hands and I need to choose what to do with it and how. Over the years I have understood that they way I function best is to actually have many things in the to do list. As many as I could. Then I had no time to be lazy. I was focused and determined to hit my target. 
5. Taking the time to write can give you new clients
But I also understood how writing my blog and taking time for it has brought me so many more new clients, cooperation clients as well friends over the years and also opportunities.
I am also now intending to put together several books about the experience so that what I write can inspire more people all over the world – not only sit in my blog, in my head or in my drawer. 
6.  Deadlines may inspire to find the time for writing
I also understood that with time – I need to set goals and deadlines. I have a new deadline – to publish one or two of my books. I start to work on it now. This means also setting time for it.
7. We are what we behave
I participated in the writing and meditation workshop in Mexico in April and we did like 40 minutes writing every day. It was so amazing. I got into a very meditative state. I kept this going for a week and then it slipped again back to the old pattern, where I did not take time to write on a more regular bases.
8. Taking time to write is a way to express love to yourself
I understand that writing for me is like fresh air or sleep. I need it and it is also part of the filling of my self love storage. So in order for me to feel sane and good and loved and loving I need to write, which also means – take time to write.  So this week I open up my calendar and I will schedule my writing time in. Again and promise to do it for the next 21 days, which several scientist have figured out helps any repeated action turn into a habit. This time a conscious use of the time habit. 
Happy time habit time everyone! Please share with me your keys and what do you think of mine? 
Thank you everyone!


I am Crystal Ra Laksmi. Originally from Estonia, but travelling the world most of the time. I am at the moment in Estonia for some months to clear my patterns and roots , storage and using time wisely is one of them. If you have a limited number of days, you need to systemise to get everything done. It is a good bootcamp for the 3 months here and I still have like 28 days till I leave, but I am still overwhelmed. I am working on it, following my own keys. 😉 Wish me luck.

 writerbadgeThis post is written for the ISWG group. Read more about them here: 

14 thoughts on “ISWG – 8 Keys how to find time to write

  1. Your post has inspired me, Crystal. You have giving me some great ideas. I haven’t been writing as much as I want too either. Too many other obligations. I’m going to try your tools. Thank you! I’m going to check out Michael’s tools too.

    • Thanks a lot dear Joylene. Have missed you… I have to practise also more of what I preach. 😉

        • Thank you dear Joylene. Yes we are together and it was about time. 3 months is a long time, especially if you are freshly in love;) see you soon in Mexico. We arrive in the end of December;) Hope your book launch has been as expected if not even more;)

    • Two is nothing. I used to do it in three – also in Norwegian. I am struggling right now a bit to catch up with English. It takes so much time. But it is fun. I guess my brain is happy. Quite a good gymnastics for it;)

  2. What a wonderful post. You’re really organized. We have to make time for what’s important to us. Deadlines help. Nice to meet you.

    • Thank you Beverly. Yes, now I have a partner who is even more organized. it really helps to have your stuff in order;) Thank you for your support.

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