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You would expect that meeting Jesus is a very special thing. That he would look like a tall man with a bit of curly hair and be the most loving person on the planet. Maybe even having a halo around his head…

My meeting with Jesus was something completely out of this world. Imagine if it would be possible to call Jesus personally and ask him advice about something? That is what I did today. What was really funny was that my friend recommended him as he thought he could help me with my problems – because he also got help from Jesus.

As a child I spent quite a lot of time figuring out who the heck Jesus was and I had my ups and downs with it and never quite figured it out. I let myself be baptised in the Estonian-Greek Orthodox church as I believed it would protect me from evil spirits.

But today Jesus was there, answered in person and said – he is there in the next 20 minutes if I would love to come and pay a visit. So I even rescheduled some other stuff and off I went. I was pretty confident that after that I would not have any issues with vampires or evil spirits. Jesus protects everyone – right?

Jesus was obviously very popular and I had to wait. I had never seen him in person, so I thought it would be interesting to imagine him and his looks. One woman came out from the door and looked very satisfied and happy… MMM…. She said there is one more person in there, so I should wait a bit more and apologized. While waiting I found some Oprah Winfrey magazines and entertained myself with her wisdom and pictures.

I thought of this day as a true jackpot – both Jesus and Oprah in there with me – what else would one desire or ask for?

So finally like 30 minutes later my time came. As to state that I was still in Mexico where Mexican time rules. I did not mind as I was about to meet Jesus.

I was warmly invited in and given a handshake, which was firm and friendly.

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He was not at all as I imagined him. He was skinnier and shorter and with short hair, but felt very strong. But he had a nice friendly smile. His room was small and had no windows. I imagined that maybe the man of that calibre would need some sky above the head or so. But then again maybe Jesus is good just with the knowing that the heavens is out there somewhere? Maybe being down on Earth and dealing with human matters was actually a true adventure for him? Who knows? Only Jesus himself knows.

Then he started to ask me all kinds of questions about me, my life, my health and my wellbeing. While I felt like he was examining me for some really important task, he still remained very friendly.

As it is the custom here to share the story where he is from and how his family is. He is originally form Guatemala and he left some 12 years ago. Jesus came to the area for a short time and met his future wife with whom he has now two lovely sons. I was surprised. Wow – noone told me Jesus was married and had kids. It turned more and more exciting. I felt like I was in some kind of movie or so.

Jesus lives happily in Puerto Vallarta and the joyful family pictures on the wall reinforced that what he said was really true. I was so excited that this very important man could give me so much attention as well his time. I felt very special and VIP.

Then the second part of the exam came. I had to sit on the bed and my fingers were put inside the machine. It felt weird like my pulse had to be right to be good enough to get into the heaven… Then my blood pressure was checked as well my throat and breathing and heart. No kidding. You have to be in good health to get through that major gate…

Jesus is a real professional. He then shared what he thinks would help me to get well and he did not mention heaven. But I guess if you are well you are in heaven – you just do not realize it – especially if you are not sick much – like in my case.

He then offered options for my healing and as I am the straight on fast kind of girl I chose the shortcut – the shot into my buttocks route for the next 3 days. So there I was completely vulnerable in front of Jesus and ready to be sticked into my butt. He did it very softly and carefully, so I could feel a very little bee sting.

So it was done and we set the route for the next days ready – so I have 2 more appointments with him to give me some buttocks shots.

I shook his hand and felt very blessed. In Mexico you can some day meet Jesus from Guatemala, who is a real doctor with a kind heart and friendly being.

I would dearly recommend him to deal with anyone, even God itself. In case God has got a virus bug, which does not like to move out of his body and being (if God even has such a thing) and wants to set up a camp and take over everything…


Private collection by Maris Saar.

My name is Crystal Ra Laksmi. I am almost never sick. So this was something new to me. Me and my partner both got sick and we were completely down with it for 2-3 weeks. Something is really happening in the world, as there are more and more diseases which need more agressive ways to deal with them. We got both healed, but what a ride that was! I think meeting Jesus was the cherry on top.

Photos by Pixabay if not stated otherwise.

Share with me some funny experiences like the one I just had?

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