City jungle keys from New York – 29th of June till 6th of July

0000 LA last drive bridgeThis week’s keys are combined from my observations from NYC as well some left overs from LA. These are small and simple keys, which can open not only doors, but even gates and new worlds and universes, but only when you put these in practice. Toolbox which is not used, will not be helpful. You have to make the first steps!

Rearrangements from the universe

I entered to the plane to NYC. Came out that someone was already sitting on my seat. I found the stewardess to help me out to figure out where my seat was. Fair enough someone had sat on my seat asking me to sit on the row 24(water and feminine flow) instead of 25 (earth element and masculine energy).

0000 LA goodbyelambI ended up saying good by to the City of Angels sitting between two men, feeling protected and taken care for, flowing in the masculine energy while taking off. The universe wanted to shift this energy and upgrade me softly. When things like that happen – it is always a message for the shift for the better. I am moving in to the living from the ‘space’ I guess. I am starting to live completely from the question.

 This situation created a little adventure for my adopted lamb, who stayed behind the bag behind the the seat when I started to check out my new seat. He was completely alone, till the plane had taken off and only then I could pick him up. I think even he was transforming into a new energy and possibilities through a little adventure and excitement alone. What a lamb, no passport and nothing and just adventures! He got loads of compliments at the airport being my official travel pillow.;)

000 NYC expogangQuality over quantity 

This time the message from NYC to me is exactly this. Take care of my previous friends here, instead of creating new ones. I am choosing my activities consciously, so that I can create new quality for the future. I am reading the lightness and energy, which expands and liberates.

Through this filter I can make my choices very easily. The golden energy is here very strong as it helps to make right choices and not to slide to the side.

NYC is such a place, where you have so many choices, that no one will not be mad if they can not meet or some possibility is gone as within 5 minutes you can get a new one very fast. NYC needs more depth and let my mermaid being be  the message here. It is interesting here, how many are not understanding how it is possible to live like the way I do right now, and not only survive, but to enjoy living like that.

One woman from Israel asked, where is my address and where is my home.I had to tell her that my home is where is my suitcase and where my heart is singing. She understood that with her mind, but has no courage to live that yet herself. 

000 NYC silksThe key of the courage

As time goes by, I understand more and more how the courage opens not only the doors in the new time, but also the hearts. The courage that comes from the heart, can give us a completely new life on every level. We just need to turn it on.

I was happy to meet another young woman at the Wellness Expo, my age, who has left the corporate world and works 100% with coaching sessions and mostly online, creating the freedom for her life and dreams. She was so shining and in her element.

000 NYC car uniqueTo be who you truly are is so much stronger here in NYC than in any other place in the world. Whether it is the way you wear your clothes or how you create something, it does not matter.

Home assignment 

Map your courage and find out where it is hidden and  what will change in your life if you would choose more courage into your life, even during one week, every day?

000 NYC Crystal parkBehave like a queen

I decided to overnight in a 4 star hotel during my first night at the hotel in Estonia when I return there in order to activate and integrate my queen being more. This was a message to the universe and I was serious about it.

Through this I had more opportunities popping up in my life for the new place to live in Estonia as well the car rental deal. I also had another little synchronicity, which confirmed I am on the right track.

If we choose from the abundance and courage, we will create all of that. If we choose from the lack, we create lack. Small things may carry in them big messages. 

000 NYC sunsetparkview

When I arrived to NYC, I decided to take the taxi instead of Airtrain from JFK to Brooklyn. I deserved that. One sleepless night in the plane and heavy luggage where big enough reasons to take care of me with this luxury.

The taxi driver was a very enthusiastic young local man, who’s dream is to become the mayor of NYC. He just finished his college and prepared for his new adventure on the West coast. It was so inspiring to hear about his job opportunity there, where he can try different things first and after that figure out what would he really like to do and be. He was so full of energy behind the wheel.

He talked about his volunteer projects and ideas with NYC. It was so refreshing to hear about these. Amazing youth! NYC’s pulsating pulse was beating through him so powerfully! I felt like a queen in Brooklyn when he got my stuff out of the car in Brooklyn at 8 am and wrote down my website address. What was really strange was also that we both had studied with the same teacher in Cape Town University.

This is a new time youth, who will not be stopped by anything or anyone and who is also caring about the social wellbeing of others. What a refreshing introduction for my stay in NYC.

000 NYC brooklyn gardenAfter a nice welcome conversation with Katrin Haiba in her back yard in Brooklyn, where you can not really feel like being in Brooklyn as you hear the flowing water as well see the green rose jungle around you – I could take a nap in my private room and time out, to refresh myself and prepare myself for the Estonian midsummer night fire. I felt held, cared for and supported. So sweet.

Take care of you – number 2

It was interesting to receive my friend’s comments here that I look younger and I am so much more shining and have lost some weight since September 2014. We visited the local Wellness Expo and I got the stress test done on me. What I did not have, was the stress. Where did it disappear? I guess I left it to Mexico. In the questionnaire it covered topics like – body, mind and spirit. When I had shared everything, the woman who asked me these questions looked puzzled and said she understands I take care of everything in me? Yes, that is true.

000 NYC calmI recommend all the readers to make a little mapping for yourself: what and how you choose in your everyday life, which helps you to take care of you?  

Body – at least once or twice a week I go to swim; if possible twice a week a silks training, walk a lot, kayak, paddle or surf, hiking etc. In the morning I make my isagenix mix, which is a meal replacement. If I eat,  I eat only healthy food. No alcohol, no coffee, no drugs. Now I have started to say no to dramatic people. I sleep enough. I work and rest in a balanced way.

0000 LA me poolside

If possible I take care of my intimate energies, so that these are active at all times. As I express my physical frustration, the chemistry of my brain has changed. I am so much more happy and target oriented as before. My main key is to set boundaries and tell what works for me. This helps to keep away problematic situations and start with things right away.

Mind – every morning I make mind programming with Silva Method style. This calms me down and brings me to the present moment.  I have different mind training techniques, so that I do not let the mind to take the control. I feel now that I am the master of my mind at all times.

0000 LA thaiSpirit – I go to Alanon group at least once a week. I listen to other’s stories and share my observations. This grounds me. I listen to the calm music. I read spiritual books. I am together with spiritual people.

 Do what you love

I had an opportunity to work with a very wonderful family for several hours and also get paid as I deserve. The pay I got, was something I have not got during the last 4 years. I worked in California only 1,5 days and it equaled the value of the flight tickets from Mexico to Estonia.

0000 LA scoobieloveI can just imagine what would happen if I could find the right places and contacts in this area, both in LA and NYC. How much help would people get and how much would my dream department get done and how many of these would become a reality, in order to create more balance and consciousness to this planet? What is possible here?

This work was possible because I wrote my blog for years and attracted interesting people into my life, who are following it with pleasure. In addition a local contact who put my info to her FB page where the information got spread to right people to manifest into a beautiful healing and new future.

000 NYC liliaIf we put our seeds into the soil and water these, we can be sure that we will get some fruits soon. This is the natural law.

After this work my energy was so high, that I could not go to sleep, as I was energetically drunk. I remembered the times when I transformed people for 10 hours a day and how much extra energy got activated from this.

It is unbelievably beautiful to see a person who can do what she or he loves and use all the talents and create new value. What would the world be if we would all choose that and create from that? 

Universal support

I mentioned this some weeks ago, but I will bring this up again. When I put into focus how I am supported and taken care for and be more grateful for that, I will create more of that.

The main focus of this key is to focus on what is well and functioning, so that we can amplify it.  When I support myself, as well my body, mind and spirit, then the universe will support everything around me on every level. One of my friends said it so beautifully – if you are the source, everything becomes possible! Exactly!

crystalhollywoodI am Crystal Ra Laksmi. While in NYC I understand how cosmopolitan I am. I feel myself very home here. I did not feel myself as a tourist here any more, as I knew where everything is and how the streets are connected. The Manhattan pulse fed me, filled me and activated me with a lot of masculine energy, structure and system. No need for alcohol. People’s faces, stories, actions nurture me just by looking at them. I felt like the mermaid in the city jungle who surfed between the streets as skiing slalom and enjoyed it fully. I put more seeds down here, so that I can collect some future fruits. The network is growing and creating itself.

000 NYC housemessageWith every moment and thought I create more of my new future. Every moment is an investment into the future. It is so amazing to be on this planet when you know where you are going and what is the essence of this, as you are not only the boat in the middle of nowhere going nowhere. I feel my own new mission is my engine, my power and my petrol as the oil. This is the biggest gift on this planet. 

My biggest wish would be that all the people could live their dream life on their conditions and as they would choose and that money would not be a limitation in order to make the dreams come true right now, not only tomorrow or one day…

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