Next destination – Sayulita, Mexico’s Surf paradise!

AAavaadeI am settling now in my new location, Sayulita, the Mexican surf Mecca. In January 2012 one of my friends said I should come here. So well, I am here again. It is called ‘a magic town’ in Mexico. So bring the magic on!

The first days have been very busy and I am giving myself time to get adjusted, as to people around me. This time the adventure continues with my Mexican family in Sayulita, with whom I lived 1,5 months last year. The times then were full of adventures and new discoveries and gifts of kindness, as I am sure, it is going to be this time or beyond.

People make such a big fuss about ‘home’. They always ask me where is my ‘home’ – what is your address? My home is where my heart sings. Where I can create and do, contribute what I love at all times.

I have not yet found that location what would match with all I would love to have in life, but I feel I am closer and closer and maybe one has to just pick a place and then make it as you would love to have it? You tell me!

But I do admire people who have homes. Recently having housesat again for some people in the area – homes are nice, cozy and comfortable, but there is so much work related to it in maintenance and keeping it all in order that in the end most people become the slaves of their own homes without noticing it. If you have animals in addition, you have that on top of it and the garden. But I love and admire people’s fantasies and how they make their ideas come into the form in their homes. Just 1,5 years later the family here has built 2 extra rooms and one additional extension of the kitchen. That made me think. 1,5 years and they formed this, but what have I left behind within that time?

crystalralaksmiandwritersgroupI have not built a house, or anything material within that year, or found my life partner, on the contrary I have given away more of my stuff and destroyed more of the old leftovers in other parts of the world, where I had them. All of the material I have invested into new projects (Ettevõtlusjooga, KIS) or new education (like the Organic Stretching Teacher’s Training) and within that 1,5 years I managed to visit many countries, places (15) in order to learn new things (modalities) and then share and pass them on to others. It has been an amazing, even though at times a very challenging journey as well. But it has made me strong and trust myself and life more and more.

picasa crystalnewmexicoI also have learned how to live simply and accept everything what I have. Last year I lived also in places where there was no shower. I now give thanks to the person who invented the shower every day before taking the shower. If something is not like I desired or wanted – I still give gratitude to everything I have.

I always start to give thanks to my health. I have had some real health issues recently and this is a global thing.

So if some of you think that if you eat healthy, meditate, think positive and do good, avoid toxic fabrics, chemicals you are good, it may change in the coming times. The most important is to be conscious. When you are conscious you are plugged into your own center and you can not be manipulated. You are you!

Which way it will go now, depends on us, on our heart energy and our inner light and love. If we manage to keep the love and light on a high frequency, we are much more in our centre, which makes us extra strong and helps to get through these challenging times.

janethudsoncrystalralaksmimexicoI am humbled to the core by the kindness of the people who surround me in my life right now and am scared step by step going with them, asking whether I give back enough. Over the last 2,5 years after I gave away my studio in Tallinn, I have lived in different places in the world and with different people. From that the new service was born called ‘Crystal Poppins’ – a woman who pops up in your life in order to catalyze some transformations and the change. Where it goes, God only knows. But what makes it hard is that most people have expectations and even though they say they do not or you have super clear agreements, they still do. So the best is to read the energies at all times and act accordingly. I am just asking myself why is that so important as everything is in the circulation anyway? I think I am not the only one who has this kind of a program inside of me, especially the northern countries in the world.

Today I saw a movie ‘Worldwar Z’ and it was really crazy. In a way most of these movies are not just movies, these movies are messages. If you open your eyes you can read it code by code. Just think back to Matrix, which was all a multilayered coded lines of messages.

Today’s movie’s message was also very much about the main core human values like family and love. When we get into the times of crisis, this and kindness are the three main essential core values for me and I guess for many.

I was supposed to contribute to the global livestream today and can not do it as there is no power. I am going to post this later, when the power comes back. The wind is very strong and it is quite normal here that the power goes off. So when the power goes off, I tune in.

I am just asking myself, is this the only way how we are gonna plug into ourselves in these times? Just seeing today how a 1,5 year old kid was playing on the phone. Wow. Now no internet = unplugged…

So when we are unplugged from the internet and the power is gone too, what does that mean? We have to turn on our hearts and connect to every human being on the heart level, then we can create the heart network all around the world from there we can turn the planet Earth’s future to where it is supposed to go.

May God bless you all wherever you are and make every minute count more and more with your loved ones.  Thank them verbally every day for their existence and that they have chosen to share and co-create it together with you. Words can open doors and hearts!


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