Weekly keys – 14th till 21st of Dec – Liver detoxing in Mexico

vorkkiigedmayasolIn these times where we live we are surrounded by so many toxins and we inhale it from the air, we drink it with the water, we eat it with the food and we also absorb it even from our washing powder as well all the influences by media, negative people etc.

Spice it up with a little extra stress, not enough sleep, too much work, little exercise and bad food and our systems and bodies clog up. That is why it should be compulsory for people to do detoxing on a regular bases. That is one of the reasons I did a 6 days liver detox again and what I will share in this weeks blog with you. Continue reading

My 1 year in Mexico

greenlight mexico palm

This story is my little summary of my experiences in Mexico especially during the last year. Read this if you think of relocating to Mexico or if you think visiting Mexico or have other interests in Mexico. This seems to become a new destination not only for the snowbirds but a new younger generation like myself, who figure out that there are other ways to live than just follow the stupid rat race and have no freedom at all. Read, get inspired and come for visit or join my retreats here! Continue reading

Weekly photo blog – Aaron – the hero

aaronI met Aaron in Sayulita, at the Mariposa MediSpa. He shared many of his stories when we adventured to San Sebastian together with him and Chantal, the administrator for the Mariposa MediSpa. He has so much knowledge about his field and can become a beautiful inspiration to everyone! Continue reading