Roadmap from chaos to paradise!

What does it mean when there is a lot of chaos happening?

Over the years working with new time energies I have noticed that when we are moving to higher altitudes or new levels there will be created chaos. Unexpected things may happen and at times it feels so crazy that you can not really understand with your mind what is going on.

aacrystalheadI had a day like that yesterday. In the morning things were going quite linear. I went to the market, had planned to get my haircut, which I did. Did some other stuff. Met some friends. Had a good time. Lost track of time and had to get to the other side of the town quickly. I looked at the clock and it was not enough time for me to get there on time. I did not want to  be late. So there I stood waiting for my bus and asking in my head, what else can happen?  So out of the blue a white taxi stopped by my side and started to offer me a ride. The price started from 250 pesos, then got down all the way till I said the final price 170 pesos. He of course did not quite know where I meant it was, but he was ready to do it. So there I was – in the white car. Feeling like it was my own personal car with the driver picking me up…

So the conversation with the taxi driver was nice. One of the first questions from the taxi drivers is always here: Do you have a boyfriend? After that I asked him what he likes to do for fun. He likes to dance break dance. So he asked me what I loved to do for fun. I said I love to sail, hike, bicycle, rollerblade, dance, meditate, free dive, travel, write, paint etc… He could not believe how many favourites I had.

So I asked him what is his dream. He said to have a big house, a wife, couple of children and a car. I asked how big should the house be and where exactly. He was pretty precise – it has to be in Puerto Vallarta,  has to have several sleeping rooms and Toyota Corolla. It was all sorted for him. He seemed to be happy and content with that wish. I was proud of him, as a young man and he had a wish for his life. I just wondered how much of it is his and how much of the copied ones from the others. How many of us actually dare to dream what our heart desires? 

bushespvHe got me all the way to my destination and probably understood what a good deal I made for me not for him. He did not seem to care. So I was there, suddenly 30 minutes earlier. Waiting for my new client to arrive. He was not there 30 minutes later either. 15 minutes later his assistant came with the dogs. The dogs got washed. Then the assistant had to go and do some shopping. He cut some fruits for me, gave me a brand new towel and sent me by the pool to relax and have fun and wait for my client for the water session.

pvplateSo there I was overlooking Banderas Bay, enjoying the sunset and dipping into this body warm and clean pool, listening to the ocean waves. My client was actually on a fishing trip and did not get back on time, and asked me to wait for him to arrive.

After 1,5 hours waiting, one of his cooperation partners came down to have a session with me instead. I did the water session in the most tranquil spot I have every worked on and the beautiful setting sun was there to kiss the rising moon. After the session was finished the client was shouting from the balcony to come for a dinner which he with other assistants (2) had made.

sunsetpvThere I was sitting and having the freshly caught mahi mahi in different versions as the swordfish with the whole team of people. Talking, laughing and having fun. While eating he said – I am going to pay you for your session as promised (even without me doing his session) with the added transport money in it.

His cooperation partner and assistant drove me to my bus stop where the last bus was just coming out. The only strange thing was that it did not open the doors and just drove off. I was so shocked that did not know what to do.

After that another bus came saying it goes to Bucerias. It is like 7 kms from La Cruz, so I thought I will take a taxi from there,  at least I get closer. Then one woman came in and said one ticket to La Cruz. I got very puzzled. On the bus it said – to Bucerias. I asked the driver and he said that yes, he goes there. So I paid a bit extra for La Cruz. Just before the final destination we had almost a 10 minute petrol station break (that is pretty normal here) and there I was in my destination!

What did  I learn from this chaotic day?

1. Check out if your dreams are your dreams. Why? Because if you have other people’s or society’s dreams it will never make you happy.

2. When you need something, just ask. It may come. When you receive it, receive it with the attitude of abundance not from lack.

3. If you have all the abundance there is, also time you create abundant magic out of thin air.

4. When you do not stress and push anything, you are totally in your water element, in your feminine and flow with it and receive all the abundance there is, including receiving from the men.

5. If you align your inner atoms, the outer world will align as well. This is the wisdom of the magic creation circle.

guatemalasunrise6. If you are patient enough and connected to your water and female energy, you may get a free gourmet meal, fun time by the pool, one extra session to work on, and one paid without the work and also driven to the bus. My molecules must certainly rearrange themselves. On top of it you may read a book about gratitude and keep saying thanks as the abundance seems to be never ending.

7. If something has a sign somewhere, it can go further (at least in Mexico). It may actually go where you need to go. It may take time, but if you are patient, it will tank up and take you there, even though the traffic lights are gone to sleep and the bus is the only vehicle on the road.

Welcome to the Eartly Paradise. New Altitude without limits. Sometimes the floor may turn to the ceiling…

Please share with me your story from chaos to paradise!