Weekly photo blogging starts now

I would love to inspire my English speaking fans with some small bits and pieces as well. I will post at least one photo per week and tell the story behind it and what I love about it. Everyone is welcome to comment and give your feedback, or just enjoy the beauty. 

11yelapamorningglowmirrorseaThis weeks photo will be from my early morning kayaking trip where the ocean looked like a mirror and soft amazing waves were just cruising by. You can see the anchored sailing vessels in La Cruz anchorage. I used a bit of picasa editing on the picture. It transmits a bit of the vibe of the morning and the water.

I discovered kayaking for me some time ago when I had my first chances to kayak. It was a bit scary to be on just a little piece of plastic or fiberglass material and trust that it carries me. As time passed by I loved it more and more as I started to experiment and enjoy the different possibilities with it. You are like flying on the top of the water. I often see many small manta rays floating by and waving with their tips of their wings. Sometimes some bigger fishes are playing on the surface or jumping in and out. Sometimes the birds do their fishing diving straight into the ocean.

I also love what kayaking does to my body. It is a very good upper body workout. My arms are getting stronger and look more fine and more fit. Sometimes my butt hurts, after a long journey, but then I will swim as soon as I can to make it loose again.

Kayaking gives me so much peace and tranquility. I get to clear my mind as all of the elements are fully present and the air blows the bad stuff away and brings new winds into my consciousness. The sun warms my skin and gives me some D vitamin. Water is splashing on me and on my skin as well I am floating above the water. My kayak is the earth element, keeping me afloat on the water. The mountains in the background feed my visual hunger and present the earth element as well.

This morning I pumped into other kayaking, paddling girlfriends. There we were just circling around and talking and catching up about life. That was really cool and very unusual. So sweet.

I am so much in the nature now that I can not really imagine my life without it. My new little kayak is my new friend, my first little boat who will take me to places and calm me down. One way to go if you do not have a boyfriend;)